English Voci 5

  1. You need to be more (dursetzungsfähig) to succeed in business.

    The course realy helped to boost my (Durchsetzungsfähigkeit)
    assertive (adj), assertiveness (n)
  2. jem. auf dem Kicker haben
    be on to somebody
  3. I have a plane to catch, so let's (zur Sache kommen, loslegen)
    get down to business
  4. an etw. erkranken, sich etw. zugezogen haben
    coming down with something
  5. None of my holiday photos (wurden etwas)
    came out
  6. Schluss mit der Plauderei
    Cut the chat
  7. In der Folge, folglich
  8. It's only common (Höflichkeit) to thank someone when they help
  9. We have three possible (voergehensweisen)
    courses of action
  10. Five hundred euros (wurden gutgeschrieben) from your account on 20 September
    were debited
  11. mangelhaft
  12. Schande, Gemeinheit
  13. He (auf Hochtouren arbeiten) from morning until night
    worked flat out
  14. Why don't you (vorbeischauen) for coffe some time?
    drop in
  15. jem. loswerden
    get ride of him
  16. jem. auf Trab halten
    be rushed off your feet
  17. He argued (kraftvoll, energisch) in favour of the merger
    forcefully (opposite = weakly
  18. She (wurde aufgehalten) at work
    got held up
  19. auf etw. kommen
    get onto
  20. I (zufällig hören) him saying he was thinking of leaving his job
  21. I complained about the mistake, and the airline promised (etw. überprüfen)
    to look into it
  22. As far as I know, Barbar is still (unversehrt, ganz sein)
    in one piece
  23. sich versichern, beruhigen
  24. Jackson's latest film has had (begeisteriung)
    rave reviews
  25. She seems to have (sich in etw. einfügen) quickly to her new role
    settled in
  26. etwas entfallen, vergessen
    slip her mind
  27. Just have a seat for a moment while I try to (etwas klären) for you
    to sort something out
  28. We are quite (unterbesetzt) at the moment because of the snowy weather
  29. She couldn't (einer Versuchung widerstehen) open the letter
    resit the temptation to
  30. The show was cancelled due to (unerwartete) circumstances
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