NURS1930 Exam I: Fluid and Electrolytes

  1. What is the normal reference range for SODIUM?
    135-145 mEq/L
  2. What are the functions of SODIUM in the body?
    • Maintenance of Concentration and Volume of ECF: Where Na+ goes, H2O follows.
    • Acid-Base Balance: Combines with Chloride & Bicarb.
    • Neuromuscular Conduction: Na+ imbalance effects muscles.
  3. How much SODIUM is needed by the body per day?
    2 grams
  4. How much SODIUM does 1 tsp. of salt contain?
    2000 mg
  5. How can blood osmolarity be estimated?
    Double the sodium levels
  6. What type of patient would exhibit hypernatremia in addition to fluid volume excess?
    Kidney Failure - decreased urine output. Unable to excrete fluid and soduim with the amount of sodium intake remaining the same.
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