1. to store in, to equip with or to control by means of computers
  2. [C] a unique inaudible code inserted into a digital file that identifies the owner or the first person who legally purchased the file
  3. [U] proof of identity as a security measure that requires users to securely verify who they are
  4. [U] the process by which an electronic device recognizes acoustic or printed or written letters or numbers.
  5. relating to a compressed file that can be returned to its original size
  6. relating to a disk or a file which is not ready for use and unorganized
  7. a piece of equipment, consisting of at least a keyboard and a screen that joins a user to the central computer network
  8. [C] a small program which is run from within another application, for example from within a browser or a website
  9. [C] a destructive program that can make copies of itself and destroy information on computers that are connected to each other
  10. indicating extreme smallness: one billionth part of a unit
  11. relating to the transmission of data at high speeds over ordinary copper telephone wires or fibre wires
  12. [U] a system to manage all the information and functions of a business or company from shared data stores
    enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  13. to insert an object into a file or an Internet page in such a way that it is no longer linked to the source document
  14. to convert analogue information into a digital form that can be read and processed by a computer
  15. [C] a computer system that is programmed to imitate the problem-solving procedures that a human expert makes
    expert system
  16. [U] the act of putting data in a secret code so it is unreadable except by authorized users
  17. [C] a device that sends data packets through networks
    located at gateways, where two or more networks connect
  18. [C] an optional product designed to complement another application, for example a �solver� in Excel
    add-on (plug-in)
  19. [C] a tool within an application that helps you use the application by giving you a series of simple choices
  20. [C] a system or combination of systems that enforces a boundary between the Internet and another network or a workstation
  21. to set up a program or computer system for a particular use
  22. [C] the part inside a computer to which chips are attached, allowing the computer to do specific things
  23. [C] a destructive program that masquerades as a benign application containing additional hidden code
    trojan horse
  24. [C] a large and powerful computer that can support hundreds, or even thousands, of users at the same time
  25. [C] a computer in a communications network where any computer on the network can be a client and/or server
  26. - to insert code into a computer program to fix or modify it in some way - [C] the code inserted into a computer program to fix or modify it in some way
  27. related to the Internet
  28. [U] the restoration of corrupted data resulting from damaged disks, viruses, power spikes, and other problems
  29. [C] an instruction given to the computer by means of keyboard, mouse or voice command
  30. a central device that connects several computers together or several networks together
  31. [C] a power supply that includes a battery to maintain power in case of a power failure
    uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  32. relating to a product which is privately owned and controlled
    in the computer industry, proprietary is the opposite of open
  33. to make a program or command happen or work
  34. a hardware or software setup that provides access to other systems or networks with differing protocols
  35. relating to memory or storage devices that lose their content when the power is shut off
  36. the hardware and/or operating system on which a program runs
  37. - [C] a group of computers, connected together to improve computing power - to connect a group of computers together to improve computing power
  38. able to accept instructions for automatic operation or computer processing
  39. - to copy information from your computer to a separate storage device
    back up
  40. relating to electronic devices that are mostly without touch
  41. relating to business software that enables companies and consumers to exchange services, information or products online
    business-to-consumer (B2C)
  42. [C] a special window on a screen allowing the user to communicate with the computer by entering information or setting options
    dialogue box
  43. [C] a material like silicon, which partially allows electricity to move through it, or an electronic device made from this material
  44. extremely small
  45. [C] the main control program of a computer that schedules tasks, manages storage, and handles peripherals
    operating system
  46. [U] merging two or more disparate technologies by incorporating, for example, digicams and Web browsers into PDAs
  47. relating to changing data that is processed fast enough to control its source
    or refer- ring to events simulated in real-life speed.
  48. referring to the process of transferring data between two local devices, especially between a computer and a mobile device
  49. trying to access a network or a computer without the official permission
  50. [C] a message that communicates to the user that the computer cannot carry out an instruction, or there is some other problem
    error message
  51. a solid-state, non-volatile, rewritable memory that functions like a combination of RAM and ROM
  52. [C] a workstation or a software program a personal computer, both of which rely on a server to perform certain tasks
  53. to damage a computer file in such a way that the information in it is no longer correct
  54. relating to computer programs and devices
    ware combining form
  55. designed to transfer data sequentially, i.e. one data bit after another
  56. [C] the central part of a computer system that controls the interpretation and execution of instructions
    processor (Central Processing Unit / CPU)
  57. [C] a shared boundary or common point for interaction between hardware and hardware or between a human and a computer
  58. [U] the ability of a computer to copy intelligent human behaviour in finding a solution to a problem
    artificial intelligence (AI)
  59. using computer systems as aids for special purposes
  60. [C, usually sing.] the use of the internet as a means to connect sources of information worldwide
    information (super-) highway
  61. [C] he working space used by the computer to hold the program that is currently running, along with the data it needs
  62. [C] a computer utility program that uses AI to perform tasks such as retrieving and delivering information
    intelligent agent
  63. (of a measured value) taking any value between a maximum and a minimum
  64. [U] the process of placing, holding and retrieving data on a computer
  65. [U] applying the resources of many computers in a network to solve or work on the same problem simultaneously
    grid computing
  66. being able to use a computer well
  67. [C] a model for describing (a part of) the world that consists of a objects or concepts, their properties and their relationships
  68. - [C] the main computer in a network that provides facilities to other computers - to provide facilities to other computers in the same network
  69. [C] any set of actions that attempt to undermine the integrity, confidentiality or availability of a resource.
  70. - [C] a reserved area of memory where data can be stored for a short time - to store data in a reserved area of memory for a short time
  71. [U] a program or device's ability to link with other programs and devices
  72. beyond the usual size or limits
  73. to adapt a program or application to suit the needs of the owner
  74. [C] any piece of hardware connected to a computer, or any part of the computer outside the CPU and working memory
  75. relating to a system of mutually linked devices or systems
  76. [C] a map or plan showing the arrangement and interlinking of computers in a network
  77. related to the new things that have been made possible by computer systems or the Internet
    cyber prefix
  78. [U] a form of Internet fraud that involves someone pretending to be someone else in order to steal money or gain other benefits
    identity theft
  79. the combination of many different databases which come from different parts of a business and which are stored together
    data warehousing
  80. [C] an kind of handheld and palm-sized PC, electronic organizer, smartphone, or pager
    personal digital assistant (PDA)
  81. included as part of an application and accessible by end-users
  82. to find and bring back stored data, so that it can be displayed on the screen and processed
  83. relating to long distance
  84. (of a computer or a computer system) able to "learn" from experience, used in applications such as speech recognition, robotics, medical diagnosis, etc.
  85. (of software and hardware) (~ with) able to work together
  86. [C] a program or a group of programs that performs a particular task for the user, such as a word-processor or a spreadsheet
    application (app)
  87. to turn off an optional software item, making it non-functional
  88. to change encrypted data back to its original form
  89. [C] software that allows an operating system to communicate with a hardware or peripheral device
    driver (device driver)
  90. to find and remove the errors in a computer program
  91. [U] the practice of tricking a user into giving away personal information into a fake form on the Internet
  92. [C] a peripheral that prints text or illustra- tions on paper
    essential to have if you want a hard copy of your work
  93. [C] an individual name used to gain access to a computer system, also part of an email address before the @ symbol
  94. [U] the rules of correct or polite behaviour for the Internet, especially in forums and chatrooms
  95. [C] a unit of digital information that consists of 8 bits
  96. - to change or add to the data in a file in order to make the data current - [C] a change or addition to a computer file so that it has the most recent information
  97. - [C] a radio-style show that is downloaded in MP-3 or video format - to upload a radio-style show in MP-3 or video format
  98. [C] a computer screen which represents an office desktop and shows the icons of the programs ready for use
  99. [C] the original form in which a computer program is written before it is translated into machine code
    source code
  100. - [C] a request for information from a database - to request information from a database
  101. [C] a small helper program that performs a specific non-routine task, such as adding a graphic
  102. - [U] written computer instructions - to write computer instructions
  103. existing on a computer or on the Internet, rather than in the real world
  104. [C] a secret sequence of letters and other symbols for authentication to log into a computer system
  105. [C] a group of interconnected computers, including the hardware and software used to connect them
  106. - to transfer data from a server to your computer - [C] the data transferred from a server to your computer
  107. [C] a program that collects and indexes Web pages and the references linked to them
    crawler (spider)
  108. related to something that is done on or involves the Internet
  109. to use a software application to look for and read documents on the Internet that are written in HTML-code
  110. (~ to) to link up a computer with the Internet or a computer network
  111. - [C] a place on a computer to connect sth or an endpoint to a logical connection - to move software from one computer system to another
  112. [C] a pseudonym users give themselves, either to protect their identity or to create an online presence
  113. [C] a headphone combined with a microphone
  114. [C] a file that is linked to an electronic message, for example to an email
  115. to navigate through cyberspace like a surfer riding the top of a wave
  116. a device for transmitting data over a telephone line, which converts analogue signals to digital signals and vice versa
  117. [C] a software application that is used to look for and read documents on the Internet
  118. [C] a wireless LAN access point or a spot in a website that contains a hyperlink
  119. not connected to the computer and not turned on
    or not connected to a computer network or the Internet
  120. to break into a computer system or to copy commercial software illegally by breaking copy-protection and registration techniques
  121. - [C] a marker for finding a Web page or a specific place in a file immediately - to mark a Web page or a specific place in a file so that they can be found immediately
  122. (of a computer or computer system) not working and not ready for use
  123. [C] a writer who updates a publicly accessible Web page that serves as a personal journal for any subject
  124. - [C] a copy of information on your computer, which is stored separately
  125. [C] a flat surface in a cinema, on a television or a computer system on which pictures or words are shown
  126. [C] a block of information in the form of bytes, stored together on a computer or external storage device, and given a name
  127. [C] a symbol displayed on the computer screen that is moved by means of a mouse, stylus, trackball, etc.
  128. [C] an error in software or the chip layout that causes repeated malfunctions
    bug (glitch)
  129. [C] a miniature display on a computer screen which shows you what a larger picture will look
  130. to combine two files in such a way that the resulting file has the same organization as the two original files
  131. [C] a removable device with a flash memory card format
    memory stick
  132. [C] a special memory area (buffer) which is used to transfer text or graphics within a document or between documents
  133. [C] a test for a computer product given to customers prior to commercial release, often preceded by a round of alpha testing
    beta test
  134. a program or service on the Internet that allows users to search for files and information
  135. to remove an application from a computer by removing all the files that were added when the application was initially installed
  136. [C] a small picture on the screen which represents a computer application, a file etc.
  137. to change a compressed file back to its original size
    decompress (expand)
  138. [C] the exact directions to a file on a computer, usually described by means of the hierarchical filing system
  139. using traditional copper telephone lines with analogue signals to connect a computer to a network
  140. [C] the place in a network or organisation where users ask questions or report problems with hardware or software
    help desk
  141. - [U] the electronic equivalent of junk mail, often advertising material - to send the same message to many different people over the Internet
  142. - to update a publicly accessible Web page serving as a personal journal for the writer - [C] a publicly accessible Web page that serves as a personal journal for the writer
  143. [C] a printed version of text or data from a computer
    printout (hard copy)
  144. pertaining to a numbering system that has 2 as its base and uses only two digits, 0 and 1, for its notation
  145. - a message sent to an Internet discussion group for all the group members to read - to put a message or computer file on the Internet so that other people can see it
  146. - [C] a web page made by mixing and matching content from other sources
  147. ^- to play sound or video it on your computer while it is being downloaded from the net - the file played on your computer while it is being downloaded from the net
  148. [C] the main circuit board inside a computer that everything plugs into and that contains the CPU, the busses, memory sockets, etc.
  149. to display a sequence of images in a computer program to give the impression of motion
  150. (~ to) to convert and copy sounds or pictures from a DVD or CD onto a computer
  151. - to restart a computer - [C] the act of restarting a computer
  152. to link a file to an electronic message, for example to an email
  153. able to be rewritten many times
    for example, storage media such as optical disks and magnetic tapes
  154. [U] harmonizing a single set of data between two or more devices, automatically copying changes back and forth
    synchronization (sync / synch)
  155. [C] a program or computer that you use for writing letters and other documents
    word processor
  156. [C] a small helper program that performs a specific routine task, such as examining or copying files
  157. relating to any computer network where there is no physical wired connection between sender and receiver
  158. [C] a virtual container used to organize other directories and files in a hierarchical structure
    directory (folder)
  159. [C] in a database, a group of fields that make up one complete entry
  160. to move a card with information stored on a magnetic stripe through a device to read this information
  161. to send data from one point to another by means of radio waves or along a transmission line
  162. - to read or write data on a computer file - [U] the act of reading data from a computer file
  163. [C] someone who uses the Internet frequently and in a responsible way
  164. [C] a graphical representation of a person on a computer screen, especially in a computer game or chat room
  165. [C] a language that has codes for indicating the layout and styling of a file, such as ita- lics, paragraphs, insertion of graphics, etc.
    markup language
  166. - to install or make a new and presumably better version of hardware or software - [C] a newer, presumably better, version of hardware or software
  167. [C] a software program that controls or supplies information to several clients connected in a network
  168. [C] a computer visualization of a three- dimensional image showing the outlines of all edges in a transparent drawing
  169. (of a computer or computer system) working and ready for use
  170. - to transfer data from your computer to a server - [C] the data transferred from your computer to a server
  171. [C] imitating a real phenomenon with a set of mathematical formulas
    for example weather conditions or chemical reactions
  172. a branch of forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media
    computer (cyber) forensics
  173. [C] a type of card which stores data by modifying the magnetism on a band of magnetic material.
    magnetic stripe card
  174. - to automatically mix and match content from other sources on one�s web page
    mash up
  175. to update the screen with new data that has arrived since you first began looking at it
    refresh (reload)
  176. [U] applying the principles of quantum mechanics to computer technology to make computers of the future much faster
    quantum computing
  177. [C] a specified area, within a database record, used for a particular category or item, for example, Name, City, Zip Code
  178. to turn on an optional software item to make it functional
  179. [C] application software for playing multimedia files, including both audio and video files
    media player
  180. [C] a part of the Internet that is owned by an organization or person, where they can upload files or access email
  181. to put data in a secret code so that only someone with the right key can read it
  182. to code data in a format that takes up less space and is faster to transmit
  183. (of computer files and database) containing information organized in such way that it can be found using a computer
  184. related to an approach to programming in which each data item with the operations used on it is designated as an object
  185. [C] the main page of a Web site to which the others are linked
    home page
  186. to perform the routine to finish using a computer system
    log off (out)
  187. [C] a sequence of images in a computer program giving the impression of motion
  188. - [C] software and/or services included with a new computer at no extra cost - to include computer software or services with a new computer at no extra cost
  189. - [U] an instruction that a program assumes if the user gives no other instructions- (of a program) to assume an instruction if the user gives no other instructions
  190. to use ingenuity and creativity to solve computer programming problems or to overcome the limitations of a system
  191. [C] a subdivision of a computer display screen, each of which can run a different program or display different data
  192. relating to business software that enables companies to exchange services, information or products online
    business-to-business (B2B)
  193. [C] a software app, e.g. a spider, that runs without human intervention to perform repetitive tasks on the Internet
    bot (robot)
  194. - to operate or execute a program - (of a program) to be executed
  195. [C] a site that is intended to be the point of entry to the Web
  196. to access a computer system, often by means of a password
    log in (on)
  197. [C] a computer program that translates a high-level programming language into machine code
  198. [U] the unauthorized copying of copyrighted software or media for personal or commercial use.
  199. using a series of the digits one and zero to receive and send information by means of an electronic signal that is either on or off
  200. [U] the amount of data that can be sent through a network connection at any one time
  201. [C] the way a computer or network is set up to meet the user�s requirements, or the set- up of the hard- and software components
  202. [C] a symbol that can represent any single or group of numbers or letters in operating systems and applications
    wild card
  203. [C] a hardware device that reads and writes information on disks, CDs or tapes
  204. [C] the speed at which data can be transmitted from one device to another
    data transfer rate (DTR)
  205. (of a computer program or system) designed to deal with data which is imprecise or has uncertain boundaries
  206. relating to computer programs that accept input from the user while they are running
  207. [C] a device for entering drawings, sketches or handwriting into a computer by means of an LCD screen and a stylus
  208. [C] a terminal or personal computer for one person to work at
  209. [C] an interconnection point on a computer network where numerous lines come together at the same switch
  210. [C] regular postal service mail, which is slower than electronic mail
    snail mail
  211. - [C] a marker for finding a Web page or a specific place in a file immediately - to mark a Web page or a specific place in a file so that they can be found immediately
  212. - to save a particular state of a program, esp. the information currently displayed - [C] the act of saving a particular state of program, esp. the info currently displayed
  213. [C] a set of wires through which data is transmitted from one part of a computer system to another
  214. [U] the ability of one computer to work in the same way as another computer
    e.g. an Apple computer acting like a PC
  215. [C] an application that is used to perform automatic calculations on changing data
  216. [C] a series of commands that can be executed without user interaction
  217. relating to a basic level of development of a device, usually implying a cheap price
  218. [C] a group of integrated circuits (chips) that are used together to perform a specific function
  219. [C] a computer that works on its own without being part of a network
  220. [C] a small mark that can be moved around a computer screen to show exactly where you are working
  221. (of data transmission) differing downstream bit rate and upstream bit rate
    or relating to public-key cryptography
  222. [C] a software tool or online service that you use to check things, e.g. grammar and spelling
  223. - (~ up) to load the first piece of software when starting a computer - the act of loading the first piece of software when starting a computer
  224. [C] a small square in a dialog box that you can click to leave a Web site
    checkout button
  225. [C] a discussion group on the Internet which is focused on a particular topic
  226. [U] the process of extracting hidden patterns from a group of data that can be used to predict future behaviour
    data mining
  227. (~ into) to pass light over a picture or document in order to copy and store it in the memory of a computer
  228. - [C] an indication of command beginnings and endings or a file formatting command - to mark a section of a file with a formatting command
  229. - [C] the way in which information is stored or held to be worked on by computers - to organize the space on a disk or the layout of a file in a particular way
  230. [C] sending data from one point to another by means of radio waves or along a transmission line
  231. [U] breaking a file into parts to store the data in whatever disk areas are available
  232. [C] the essential part of a program or operating system that performs the basic functions
  233. [C] a high-speed line or a series of connections to which smaller, local lines connect
  234. relating to sth done so smoothly that you cannot tell where one thing stops and the next begins
  235. many or much, more than one
  236. to put all the parts of a file together in one location, which reduces the time the computer needs to load it into memory
  237. [C] an arrangement that users have with a company that allows them to use the Internet for certain purposes
  238. [C] a temporary high-speed storage area for copies of data that is often needed while a program is running
  239. [C] a pen-like pointing and writing device for the screens on handheld computers
  240. [C] any number from 0 to 9
  241. [U] the act of coding data in a format that takes up less space and is faster to transmit
  242. relating to electronic devices that have been designed so that they can be held and used easily with one or two hands
  243. [C] a part of the Internet, featuring a combination of information retrieval and hypertext techniques
    World Wide Web
  244. relating to the highest level of development of a device, usually implying premium price
  245. [C] a piece of a message which is formatted for transmission on a network and includes its source and destination in the header
  246. [U] the use of an object (RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product or person for identification using radio waves
    radio frequency identification (RFID)
  247. to isolate the source of a problem which is suspected to be hardware-related and fix it
  248. [C] a part of TCP/IP, which is used to route a data packet from its source to its destination over the Internet
    Internet Protocol (IP)
  249. [C] a coded pattern of thick and thin bars with varying spaces in between for recognition by a scanner
  250. [C] a collaborative construction engine on the Web which allows any user to add and edit content
  251. [U] software designed to help people to work together on a project with computers
    collaboration software (groupware)
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