AP World- Ch. 6 Vocab

  1. Muslim
    followers of Muhammad
  2. Muhammad
    The prophet of Islam
  3. Quran (Koran)
    Islam’s holy book
  4. Bedouin
    nomadic people of the Arabian Peninsula
  5. Shaykhs
    leaders of tribes and clans
  6. Mecca
    holy city where Muhammad lived
  7. Umayyad
    Mu’awiya’s tribe
  8. Medina
    north of Mecca, city where Muhammad fled to
  9. Khadijah
    Muhammad’s wife
  10. Ali
    Muhammad’s son in law, tried to be caliph but killed
  11. Umma
    Community of the faithful
  12. Zakat
    tax for charity
  13. five pillars
    Islam’s main principles that must be practiced by all believers
  14. Ramadan
    Islamic month of religious observance requiring fasting from dawn to sunset
  15. Hajj
    Pilgrimage to Mecca
  16. Caliph
    political and religious successor to Muhammad
  17. Abu Bakr
    Muhammad’s 1st successor, first caliph to declare “holy war”
  18. Ridda Wars
    Wars that followed Muhammad’s death; resulted in defeat of rival prophets and some larger clans; restored unity in Islam
  19. Jihads
    Islamic holy wars
  20. Copts
    Christian sect of Egypt
  21. Nestorians
    Christian sect found in Asia
  22. Uthman
    3rd caliph and member of Umayyad clan; murdered by mutinous warriors returning from Egypt; set off a civil war
  23. Battle of Siffin
    fought in 657 between forces of Ali and Umayyad; settled by negotiation that led to fragmentation of Ali’s party
  24. Mu’awiya
    General from Syria who became caliph after he fought for power with Ali
  25. Sunnis
    A group of Muslims that believed succession could be given to anyone
  26. Shi’a
    A group of Muslims that believed succession should be hereditary
  27. Karbala
    Site of defeat and death of Husayn, son of Ali
  28. Damascus
    Umayyad’s shifted the capitol to this city in Syria
  29. Mawali
    Muslim converters
  30. Dhimmi
    people of the book
  31. Abbasid
    Dynasty that succeeded the Umayyads as caliphs within Islam
  32. Wazir
    chief administrative official under the Abbasid caliphate
  33. Battle on the River Zab
    Victory of Abbasid over Umayyads; conquest of Syria and capture of Umayyad capital
  34. Baghdad
    capital of Abbasid dynasty located in Iraq
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