Pathophys Test 2

  1. What is the role of antibodies vs. T-lymphocytes in immune response? (p.1-5)
    • Antibodies (Class II antigens) – prevent disease
    • o Not MHC restricted
    • o B-cells mature in lymphoid tissue and circulate in plasma as mature B-cells
    • o Once exposed to antigen, turn into plasma cells and secrete antibodies

    • T-lymphocytes (Class I antigens) – help recover from infection
    • o Responsible for cellular immunity
    • o MHC restrictive
    • o Must be exposed to antigens in order to be educated and reactive
  2. Between antibodies and T cells, which ones would be responsible for person’s recovery from most viral infections?
  3. What about prevention of disease process?
    B-lymphocytes –antibodies
  4. Are antibodies able to bind circulating free antigens?
    Yes. Antigens bind to FC receptor on antibody.
  5. Are T cells able to bind circulating free antigens?
    No. T-cells attack antigen-infected cells to aid recovery.
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Pathophys Test 2
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