AP World- Ch. 3 Vocab

  1. Monsoon
    seasonal wind in the Indian subcontinent, brings rain during summer
  2. Aryan
    Indo-nomadic pastoralists who replaced Harappan society; militarized society
  3. Sanskrit
    The sacred and classical Indian language
  4. Vedas
    Aryan hymns originally transmitted orally but written down in sacred books from 6th century b.c.e
  5. Untouchables
    outside the caste system; performed tasks that were considered polluted
  6. Chandragupta Maurya
    founder of Maurya dynasty; established 1st empire in Indian subcontinent; first centralized government since Harappan civilization
  7. Ashoka
    Grandson of Chandragupta Maurya; completed conquests of the Indian subcontinent; converted to Buddhism and sponsored spread of new religion throughout with empire
  8. Dharma
    The caste position and determined by a person’s birth
  9. Guptas
    Dynasty that succedded the Kushans in the 3rd century c.e, built empire that extended to all but the southern regions of Indian subcontinent; less centralized than Mauryan empire
  10. Vishnu
    the Brahman later Hindu god of sacrifice; widely worshipped
  11. Shiva
    Hindu; God of destruction and reproduction; worshipped as the personification of cosmic forces of change
  12. Reincarnation
    one’s soul into another life after death
  13. Buddha
    founder of Buddhism
  14. Nirvana
    The Buddhist state of enlightenment, a state of tranquility
  15. Stupas
    stone shrines built to house pieces of bone or hair and personal possessions said to be relics of the Buddha; preserved Buddhist architectural forms
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