1. cally pool
    caledonian road
  2. building centre
    store street/ south crescent
  3. mabledon court hotel
    mabledon place
  4. bar b low
    gone- now snappy snapps/ marchmont street- tavistock place
  5. hamilton house
    mabledon place/ NUT headquarters
  6. st. giles in fields church
    st. giles high street - forced into denmark st
  7. st. annes church
    dean street
  8. cally pitch
    caledonian road
  9. acoustic cafe
    -couldnt find/ manette street
  10. national geographic shop
    regent street / sdol before vigo street
  11. sartoria restaurant
    new burlington street/ savile row
  12. banana tree restaurant w1
    wardour street sdol -1st L broadwick street
  13. st moritz club
    wardour street sdol- 1st L noel street
  14. heights bar and lounge
    st georges hotel/ langham place
  15. superdry w1
    regent street - sdol just before vigo street (cannot sdor)
  16. aquascutum (shop)
    think its regent street sdol near to bottom picadilly circus
  17. ozwald boateng shop
    saville row
  18. burlington house
    picadilly - royal academy of art
  19. the arts club w1
    dover street sdol
  20. fiffany & co w1
    old bond street
  21. pine bar
    grosvenor square south side
  22. the mayfair club
    dover street sdol -opp mahiki bar
  23. royal overseas league
    park place
  24. st. jamess hotel
    park place
  25. air gallery
    dover street -called air coz the shops empty
  26. avista restaurant
    grosvenor square - south side
  27. hamilton gallery
    carlos place
  28. 34 restaurant
    south audley street
  29. corrigans mayfair restaurant
    upper grosvenor street
  30. metropolitan hotel
    old park lane
  31. browns hotel
    dover street sdor
  32. timothy taylor gallery
    carlos place
  33. connaught hotel
    carlos place/ mount street
  34. university womens club
    south audley street
  35. kai restaurant
    south audley street
  36. harry's bar
    south audley street sdor n bound- 1st L/R mount st
  37. rifles gunmakers
    south audley street- 1st L/R mount st
  38. york house
    seymour street -new build sdol just past gt. cumberland place
  39. victory services club
    seymour street
  40. tyburn pub
    edgware road - sdol only by marble arch
  41. bilton towers
    great cumberland place
  42. garbos restaurant
    gone- now thai rice restairant/ crawford street north side
  43. wallenberg statue
    great cumberland place
  44. latvia embassy
    nottingham place -opposite hosp
  45. tonga embassy
    molonoux street sdor n bound
  46. maldives embassy
    nottingham place -sdor n bound
  47. third space gym
    bulstrode place -off marlebone rd
  48. cordon bleu cookery school
    bulstrode place -off marlebone rd
  49. sergios restaurant
    foley street/ sreat titchfield st
  50. villandry restaurant
    bolsover street/ gt portland street
  51. criterion auction room
    essex road
  52. istanbul social club
    caledonian road -gone- sdol south bound after offord rd
  53. hughes parry hall
    cartwright gardens
  54. canterbury hall
    cartwright gardens
  55. commonwealth hall
    cartwright gardens
  56. gerator hostel
    compton place/ off tavistock place
  57. senate house
    malet street
  58. school of oriental + african studies
    thornburgh street - off russel sq
  59. bon carter house
    gower st - sdol
  60. the french house pub
    dean st- can get old brompton st
  61. borderline club
    orange yard/ manette street
  62. gold beaters house
    manette street
  63. screen house
    wardour street sdol 1st L broadwick street
  64. soho lofts
    wardour street- sdor 1st L broadwick street
  65. film house
    wardour street sdor- 1st L noel street
  66. chappell shop
    wardour street sdor 1st L noel street
  67. trader vic club
    hamilton place
  68. podium restaurant
    hamilton place
  69. avondale sq
    old kent road
  70. henry wood hall
    trinity church square- trinity st
  71. wool yard
    bermondsey street sdol n bound
  72. florin court
    tanner street
  73. market porter pub
    stoney street
  74. monmouth coffee
    maltby street- off tanner st
  75. tower bridge police stn
    tooley st (one way) boss for t/a
  76. new cross library
    new cross road - n side
  77. deptford old town hall
    new cross road- s side
  78. waldron health centre
    amersham vale
  79. peckham civic centre
    old kent rd - next to peckham park rd
  80. cyprus street memorial
    cyprus street/ place
  81. tevatree house
    avondale sq sdol as go in
  82. haddon hall baptsist church
    tower bridge road
  83. swan court
    tanner street
  84. flag house
    tanner street
  85. jose restaurant
    bermondsey street sdol
  86. olley's fish n chip shop
    gt suffolk street
  87. viajante restaurant
    cambridge heath road
  88. york hall
    old ford road
  89. purple bar/club -
    now called suede bar/ mile end rd
  90. bronze club
    hancock road
  91. 3 mills studios
    three mill lane/ hancock road
  92. prologis park
    twelve trees crescent
  93. linear house
    peyton place
  94. minor hall
    peyton place
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