1. 202-10 Executive Officer--- Use Department auto when__________
    on patrol, when presence is required at scene of an emergency or when traveling within city on officialbusiness
  2. 202-10 Executive Officer--- Inspect and sign ACTIVITY LOGS of ________
    platoon commanders, special operations lieutenants and patrol supervisors at least once a month.
  3. 202-10 Executive Officer--- Perform tours, on _____
    “open days,” which best meet the day to day needs of the command
  4. 303-02 PATROL ASSIGNMENTS--- Establish working charts for attendants, patrolwagon operators, and switchboard operators that _____
    may commence and terminate thirty (30) minutes prior to normal patrol tours
  5. 303-02 PATROL ASSIGNMENTS--- Assign precinct traffic officer to patrol duty_____
    when traffic conditions permit
  6. 303-03 RADIO MOTOR PATROL SECTORS--- COMMANDING OFFICER, Determine number of sectors by ______
    area, topography, population, occupancies, and other police factors
  7. 303-03 RADIO MOTOR PATROL SECTORS--- Have Communications Section notified when _____
    RMP car is assigned to more than one (1) sector or is out of service
  8. 303-06 SCHOOL CROSSINGS--- One half hour before ______
    to ten minutes after morning assembly
  9. 303-06 SCHOOL CROSSINGS--- From beginning of lunch period ______
    until ten minutes after
  10. 303-06 SCHOOL CROSSINGS--- Fifteen minutes prior to________
    and continuing until final dismissal
  11. 303-06 SCHOOL CROSSINGS--- Provide written list to individual school principals _______
    designating only those specific crossings that will be covered
  12. 303-07 PLAY STREETS--- between the hours of 8 a.m. ______
    until one-half (1/2) hour after sunset
  13. 303-07 PLAY STREETS--- If request concerns location below 65 th Street commanding officers concerned will ______
    limit determination to current and anticipated patrol problems
  14. 303-09 COMMUNITY AFFAIRS--- Weigh each command member’s capacity and skill and how well he/she relates _________
    to the community when making field assignments
    maintain liaison with community council leadership _________
    and attend council meetings.
  16. 203-01.Order of Rank-- Seniority in rank among members appointed or promoted at the same time is determined __________
    by position on appointment or promotion list
  17. 303-10 PRECINCT CRIME PREVENTION SECURITY SURVEYS-- Obtain citywide control number from _________
    Crime Prevention Section
  18. 303-10 PRECINCT CRIME PREVENTION SECURITY SURVEYS-COMMANDING OFFICER Review survey report and, if approved, _____
    initial both copies in appropriate space
  19. 303-10 PRECINCT CRIME PREVENTION SECURITY SURVEYS-- Any inquiries relative to whether a security survey has been conducted at a specific
    location _________
    will also be referred to the Crime Prevention Section
  20. 303-10 PRECINCT CRIME PREVENTION SECURITY SURVEY-- Precinct crime prevention officers will prepare “Precinct Crime Prevention Monthly Activity” and “Monthly Statistic Sheet” and forward them
    to the precinct commanding
  21. 203-03.Compliance with Orders-- Affix to front of assigned locker, Department stickers _________
    PROPER TACTICSSAVE LIVES and POLICE DON’T MOVE withrank, name, shield and squad number captions filled in
    Have the executive officer ___________
    personally and periodically review and evaluate affected parameter
  23. 303-12 SECURITY OF DEPARTMENT FACILITIES- COMMANDING OFFICER Lock entrances not in actual use ______
    and not within view of desk officer or other member responsible for security

  24. 303-12 SECURITY OF DEPARTMENT FACILITIES-Affix seal in a manner permitting it _____
    to be easily broken in emergency.
  25. 303-12 SECURITY OF DEPARTMENT FACILITIES-Test alarm system on the ________
    first day of each month and record results in Command Log
  26. 303-17 Dept Training -- COMMANDING
    Prepare a PROPOSED TRAINING COURSE REPORT for all unit specific training and forward ____
    with supporting materials as soon as possible, to the bureau trainingcoordinator
  27. 303-17 Dept Training --COMMANDING
    OFFICER ensure attendance at Department training courses are entered by _______
    appropriate personnel into the ELM System
    Personally confer with subordinates semi-annually (i.e., before ____
    the end of June and before the end of December)
    Conduct conferrals in groups comprised of
    ten (10) subordinates or less
  30. 303-22 SEMI ANNUAL CONFERRALS WITH SUBORDINATES-- A commanding officer shall not entirely
    delegate all conferrals to the executive officer
    Forward monthly reports to ______
    Office of Deputy Commissioner, CommunityAffairs, Special Programs Unit
  32. 303-25 Operational Guidelines for Explorer Program COMMANDING OFFICER, PCT. TRANSIT
    Serve as
    Post Chairperson as outlined in Law Enforcement Explorer Manual
  33. 303-25 Operational Guidelines for Explorer Program OPERATIONS COORDINATOR, Ensure Explorer Program does not
    interfere with efficient operation of a command
  34. 303-25 Operational Guidelines for Explorer Program-Each command that establishes an Explorer Post must have an
    Associate Post Advisor who will perform the duties of a Post Advisor in his/her absence
  35. 303-26 Operational Guidelines for Explorer Funds COMMANDING
    Forward to the Explorer Coordination Unit through channels annually, no later than _________
    January 31, a summary of the Post’s financial activities for the previous year
  36. 203-04 FITNESS FOR DUTY-- Any misconduct involving a Member's misuse of afirearm while unfit for duty due to
    xcessive consumption of. and intoxication from, alcohol will
    result in that member'stermination from the department.
  37. 203-11.Use of Force-- The primary duty of all members of the service is
    to preserve human life
  38. 203-16.Guidelines For Acceptance of Gifts and other Compen-- Whenever a member of the service is offered a gift or becomes aware that a gift
    will be offered in appreciation for police service the COMMANDING OFFICER CONCERNED WILL
    • Review circumstances regarding the offering of the gift.
    • Review Department Board of Ethics rulings relating to acceptance of gifts
  39. 203-16.Guidelines For Acceptance of Gifts and other Comp- IF GIFT IS A REWARD OR PRESENT FOR POLICE SERVICE RENDERED
    Prepare a report, on Typed Letterhead, to the Police Commissioner, for review and final determination regarding acceptability of gift
  40. 203-16.Guidelines For Acceptance of Gifts and other Compen-- IF GIFT IS OFFERED BY A PERSON/FIRM WHICH IS, OR INTENDS TO
    • Review City Charter, Section 2604 (B)5 to ensure that there is no conflictof interest.
    • Make final determination regarding the propriety of accepting gift and notify member concerned.
    • Request ruling by Board of Ethics if circumstances of offering are peculiar in nature and not reflected in current rulings
  41. 208-61 Material Witness-- When assigned to guard a material witness, follow instructions of?
    assistant district attorney and detective squad commander
  42. 208-07 Photographable Offenses-- Have photographs taken of persons arrested when such persons are charged with __?
    any felony, including “juvenile offenders” as defined in thePenal Law
  43. 208-08 Fingerprintable Offenses-- Whenever prisoners must be fingerprinted and palmprinted___
    photographs may also be taken
  44. 208-09 Rights of Persons Taken into Custody-- If an attorney states that he represents a prisoner but does not know the identity of the prisoner, he will ?
    not be permitted to interview him
  45. 208-27 D.A.T. General Procedure I.O .55 s. 09-- If the only charge against a prisoner is unlawful possession of marihuana and the prisoner does not qualify for a summons, the prisoner ___
    MUST be processed for a DESK APPEARANCE TICKET
  46. 310-05 REVIEW OF ARREST FOLDER- Commanding officers may designate a supervisor to review OLBS ARREST WORKSHEETS, court complaints and related forms. However,any investigation of discrepancies or reduction in charges
    must be conducted by the commanding officer
  47. 310-03 DESIGNATION OF LOCATION FOR QUESTIONING JUVENIL-- Identify a location in a police or governmental facility____
    not regularly used for the education or care of children
  48. 310-03 DESIGNATION OF LOCATION FOR QUESTIONING JUVENI-- The location must present an office-like, __________
    rather than a jail-like, setting.
  49. 202-08 – Duty Captain-- Confer with the Traffic Management Center supervisor, when ___
    notified by the OperationsUnit of a traffic congestion problem or condition
  50. 202-09 – Commanding Officer- Ensure a hard copy of the Command Conditions Report is posted ____
    in the Crime Information Center
  51. 202-09 – Commanding Officer- Notify appropriate borough adjutant or borough executive officer upon __
    discovery or notification that there is invoiced property stored in the command in excess of thirty (30)days
  52. 202-09 – Commanding Officer-- Confer with patrol borough adjutant prior to___
    adjudicating 3rd CD for sameindividual within period of six (6) months to determine if charges andspecifications should be prepared
  53. 202-28 – Traffic Safety Officer-- Commanding officers will not assign duties to the Traffic Safety Officer ___
    that are unrelated to traffic
  54. 303-09 – Community Affairs-- Seek out for membership, persons who enjoy local status as __
    “grass roots” leaders,and who may be in a position to influence local community attitudes
  55. 208-20 Turnover Arrests-- An assigned officer may be designated by a _____
    patrol supervisor, desk officer or otherranking officer in charge of a detail
  56. 208-20 Turnover Arrests.-- When an arresting officer is authorized by a supervisor to turn over an arrest, the assigned officer must personally re-interview a civilian complainant and any necessary civilian witnesses, in order _____
    to prevent double “hearsay” and to prepare a criminal complaint
  57. 309-02 RETURN OF SUMMONS PACKET- COMMANDING OFFICER OR DESIGNEE, Indicate inspection of CERTIFICATION by signing reverse side.
    signing reverse side.
    to another member and make entries
  59. 309-03 SUMMONSES RECORDS- COMMANDING OFFICER refer to printout for proper
    Refer to printout for proper administration of summons enforcement andaccident prevention programs
  60. 309-06 SUMMONSES NOT GUILTY PLEAS FOR SPE-- The member assigned to the Highway Unit, Speedometer Testing Machine Station is required to forward
    CERTIFICATION OF SPEEDOMETER TESTS AND REPAIRS to commanding officer of summonsing officer for presentation at hearing
  61. Interim Order 23(11) - Electronic Summons Tracking System (ESTS) - COMMANDING OFFICER Requisition summonses from ____
    issuing agency
  62. 207-31 Processing Civilian Complaints - Any request for Department records made by representatives of the Civilian Complaint Review Board will be referred to____
    the Internal Affairs Bureau, Civilian Complaint ReviewBoard Liaison, for necessary attention
  63. 207-31 Processing Civilian Complaints - Whenever a member of the service is a victim of disparaging remarks relative to his/herethnicity, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, made by another member of theservice, he/she may register a complaint with
    the Civilian Complaint Review Board
  64. 207-31 Processing Civilian Complaints - MOS receiving Complaint, report all misconduct complaints including unnecessary use of force, abuse of authority, discourtesy,offensive language, etc., to
    CCRB IntakeUnit at (24 hours).
  65. 207-31 Processing Civilian Complaints - Complaints against UMOS may be made at any patrol precinct, PSA, TD, traffic unit, IAB,or any other office of the Department, including the Office of the Police Commissioner or ____
    office of a deputy commissioner
  66. 207-10 Bias Motivated Incident - PATROL SUPERVISOR---Determine if __
    additional personnel are required to stabilize the situation
  67. 207-10 Bias Motivated Incident - UNIFORMED MEMBER OFTHE SERVICE - Determine if __
    possibility exists that offense or unlawful act is motivated bybias or prejudice as contained in the definition of a “Bias Incident.”
  68. 207-10 Bias Motivated Incident - COMMANDING OFFICER/DUTY CAPTAIN - Determine if ____
    occurrence is a possible bias incident that should be referredto the Hate Crime Task Force for further investigation
  69. 208-05, "Arrests - General Search Guidelines" strip searches may only be conducted with the knowledge and approval of __
    the arresting officer’s immediate supervisor or the borough Court Section supervisor
  70. 208-05, "Arrests - General Search Guidelines" - If a strip search is conducted, such information will be entered in
    • -the Command Log,
    • -arresting officer’s ACTIVITY LOG ,
    • -also documented on the OLBS ARREST WKSHEET or
  71. 208-05, "Arrests - General Search Guidelines" - The immediate supervisor of the arresting officer/borough Court Section supervisor, based on the facts presented, will
    determine if a strip search should be conducted.
  72. 208-05, "Arrests - General Search Guidelines - In cases where there is a disagreement between the desk officer and an arresting officer’s immediate supervisor from an outside command as to whether or not to conduct the strip search, the desk officer will
    notify the precinct/police service area/transit district commanding officer or duty captain.
  73. 208-70 NYS DIR Database - COMMAND INTEGRITY CONTROL OFFICER print, review, and maintain on a monthly basis, a list of
    all voided Domestic Incident Reports entered into the Database
  74. 203-17.Fund Raising Events - Prior to the fund raising event or posting of advertisements, concerning the event : COMMANDING OFFICER, MEMBER CONCERNED Prepare a request, on Typed Letterhead, addressed to the Chief of Internal Affairs, (through channels), containing __
    the results of inquiries made to the Intelligence Division and OCCB relative to the premises and the principals involved, and the State Liquor Authority, when appropriate.
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