Mr. Cox Final 1st semester

  1. What revolution allowed native Americans to settle in one place?
    Agricultural Revolution
  2. What society located in Mexico disappeared?
  3. What society built the city of Technochtitlan?
  4. What Central America society was most violent?
  5. What ancient society had a complex system of roads?
  6. What type of social structurewas in place in Europe at the time of Columbus?
  7. Who led the Protestant Reformation?
    Martin Luther
  8. What were the 4 major nations at the time of Columbus?
    Portugal, Spain, France, and Britain
  9. What country led exploration prior to the time of Columbus?
  10. What country did Columbus sail for?
  11. What couple's marriage helped untify Spain?
    Ferdinand and Isabella
  12. What treaty divided South America between Portugal and Spain?
    The Treaty of Tordesillas
  13. Who conquered the Aztecs?
  14. Who was the leader of the Aztecs?
  15. What as the given name of an individual whose ethnic background consisted of a Spanish and African mixture?
  16. What was the given name of an individual whose background consisted of Spanish and Native mixture?
  17. What was the Jamestown winter called where the colonists ate their shoes?
    The Starving Time
  18. What is Nat Baconknown for?
    Leading a rebellion against Governor Berkeley
  19. What English Monarch broke off from the Roman Catholic Church because he wanted a divorce?
    King Henry VIII
  20. What was John Winthrop's famous sermon?
    City on a Hill
  21. Who started the colony for Quakers?
    William Penn
  22. What was the colonythat promoted religious tolerance?
  23. What colony did Roger Williams start?
    Rhode Island
  24. What woman was banned from the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
    Anne Huchinson
  25. What laws did British pass to restrict trade in the American Colonies?
    Navagation Acts
  26. What were 2 major cash crops in the south?
    Tobacco and Cotton
  27. Who was the New England governor that enforced the Navagation Acts?
    Edmond Andros
  28. What was the Glorious Revolution?
    Rise of William and Mary as Protestant monarchs.
  29. What was Jonathan Edwards's famous sermon?
    Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
  30. What were the British and French primarily competing for in the 1760s?
    Control of the Ohio River Valley
  31. What was the First Great Awakening?
    Religious movement in America
  32. What Native American tribe dominated trade in the north?
  33. What fort did George Washington build?
    Fort Necessity
  34. What proclamation limited settlement west of the Applachain Mountains?
    Proclamation of 1763
  35. Who was the first person killed at the Boston Massacre?
    Crispus Attucks
  36. What did the Quartering Act allow British soldiers to do?
    Stay in colonist's houses
  37. Who warned colonists that the British soldiers were moving into the Massachusetts countryside?
    Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott
  38. What were colonists called who maintained strong ties to Britain?
  39. Who wrote Common Sense?
    Thomas Pain
  40. What topic did Thomas Jefferson delete from early drafts of the Declaration?
  41. What were the German mercenaries called?
  42. What European allies did the Untited States gain because of the Battle of Saratoga?
    France and Spain
  43. Where was American soldiers winter in 1776- 1777?
    Valley Forge
  44. What French commander helped train American soldiers?
    Marquis de Lafayette
  45. What was the nickname of Francis Marion?
    Swamp Fox
  46. What was the last battle of the American Revolution?
  47. What type of government does the USA have?
    Federal democratic republic
  48. What was the first territory created in the USA?
    Northwest Territory
  49. What piece of legislation created the Northwest Territory?
    Land Ordinance of 1787
  50. What constitutional Convenion plan favored large states and a bicameral legislature?
    Virginia Plan
  51. What Constitutional Convention plan favored small states and equal representation?
    New Jersey Plan
  52. Who was responsible for writing the majority of the Constitution?
    James Madison
  53. Who wrote the Federalists papers?
    John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison
  54. Who wrote the Bill of Rights?
    James Madison
  55. What was John Adams nickname as president of the Senate?
    His Rotundity
  56. What did Washington call his group of closest advisers?
  57. What feud developed within Washington's cabinet?
    Hamilton vs. Jefferson
  58. What compromise did Hamilton propose to gain Jefferson's support of the National Bank?
    Location of the National Capital
  59. What treaty pushed the British troops out of western lands?
    Jay Treaty
  60. What was the name of the scandal that involved French diplomats taking bribes?
    XYZ Affair
  61. What piece of legislation did Adams pass as a response to the XYZ affair?
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  62. What power did Marbury Vs. Madison give the Surpreme Court?
    Judicial Review
  63. Why did the US go to war with Britain in 1812?
    • Impressionment of US Sailors
    • Encouraging Native American Attacks
    • Decrease in the US trade
  64. Who did the Embargo of 1807 hurt the most?
  65. Who was the Native American Leader that led the resistance during the war of 1812
  66. Who was Tecumseh's brother?
    The Prophet
  67. What piece of land did the US try to invade multiple times during the war of 1812?
  68. What Treaty ended the war of 1812?
    Treaty of Ghent
  69. What battle did Andrew Jackson fight after the Treaty of Ghent was finalized?
    Battle of New Orleans
  70. What canal connected the Great Lakes and the Hudson River?
    Erie Canal
  71. What party died out during the Era of Good Feelings?
    Federalist Party
  72. Who was the last Founding Father president?
    James Monroe
  73. Who did John Adams convince to reduce the number of war ships in the Great Lakes?
    Great Britain
  74. The Adams Onis Treaty settled boundary disputes between the Us and which country?
  75. What was John Adams Secretary of State?
    Henry Clay
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