Chapter 14

  1. Who established a large American settlemen in Texas?
    Stephen Austin
  2. When was the Texan War of Independence fought?
  3. Who did the Texans follow the leadership and was the former Governor of TN in the Alamo?
    Sam Houston
  4. Who was the Mexican dictator that was determined to crush the rebellion in the Alamo?
    General Santa Anna
  5. What Battle was remembered to be the most heroic of Texas War of Independance that vwas fought in San Antonio?
  6. Who was the leader of the Texans in the Alamo?
    Colonel William Travis
  7. Name the the two men that were killed at the Alamo.
    Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett
  8. Who invented the famed Bowie knife?
    Jim Bowie
  9. Who was the TN fronteersment that was killed at the Alamo?
    Davy Crockett
  10. What became the battle cry of the Texans?
    Remember the Alamo
  11. What Battle and year Houston and his forces won a decisive victory and ended the War?
    Battle of San Jacinto
  12. Who was the first president of the Lone Star Repulic?
    Sam Houston
  13. What term means an exsoression of a people'ss will by direct vote?
  14. What group of peope believe that America was dastined to eventually expand to the Pasific and Texas would add to its power?
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