1. In re: 206-05, �Prep of Charges and Spec�-- Commanding officer prepare "COMMANDING OFFICER�S REVIEW OF MOS INVOLVED IN A DISCIPLINARY MATTER (PD468-153)", relating to evaluation and
    whether or not member is on disciplinary or entry level probation.The form must be forwarded within ____ days of receipt to Department Advocate�s Office OR the Employee
    Management Division??�
    five (5)
  2. 206-08, �Suspension from Duty UMOS"-- UMOS who are on �Suspended With Pay� status must submit a _____ when required to appear in court as a defendant in a criminal case on
    a date they were scheduled to report to the Internal Affairs Bureau??
  3. 206-10 - "Modified Assignment"-- Uniformed members placed on modified assignment will report direct to the _________ and will NOT be permitted to begin their tour at their command??
    Personnel Orders Section, Uniform Assignment Unit
  4. 202-08 - "Duty Captain"-- The report submitted at the end of each tour by the Duty Capt. includes, among other things, certain visits made during his tour. One specific location is NOT mentioned in this report, even though it is a REQUIRED visit during his tour, which is it??
  5. 202-09, "Commanding Officer"-- Visit upon assignment to command and semi-annually thereafter the following??
    • a. Civilian Complaint Review Board
    • b. Internal Affairs Bureau
    • c. Community Affairs Bureau
    • d. Quality Assurance Division
  6. 202-09, �Commanding Officer�-- Forward a hard copy of the "COMMAND CONDITIONS REPORT" immediately to the borough concerned WHEN??
    on a weekly basis
  7. 202-19, �Training Sergeant�-- When does the 202-19, training Sergeant inform members of identified sector conditions as per the most recent weekly "COMMAND CONDITIONS REPORTS"??
    during training sessions
  8. 202-10 - "Executive Officer"-- Use Department auto when??
    on patrol, when presence is required at scene of an emergency OR when traveling within city on official business
  9. WHO Supervises performance of administrative functions in the command??
    202-10 - "Executive Officer"
  10. WHO Weekly/revises "COMMAND CONDITIONS REPORT", as appropriate?
  11. WHO Interviews visitors entering command??
    desk officer
  12. 202-14 - "Desk Officer"-- Verify arrival and departure of command receptionist by signing??
    Personnel Schedule and Time Sheet
  13. 303-02 - "Patrol Assignments"-- Permit members performing similar duties to exchange tours voluntarily. Members are NOT permitted to perform??
    two (2) consecutive tours
  14. WHO Supervises maintenance of other command bulletin boards/pin maps??
    202-19 - "Training Sergeant"
  15. 303-03 - "Radio Motor Patrol Sectors"-- COMMANDING OFFICER determine number of sectors by??
    area, topography, population, occupancies, and other police factors
  16. 202-24 - "Motor Scooter Operator"-- Inspect scooter to ensure it is in serviceable condition and enter in ACTIVITY LOG findings which are what??
    odometer reading and amount of gasoline in tank
  17. WHO Maintains daily contact with the community policing supervisor to combine efforts for attention to areas of sensitive complaints and the needs of the residents??
    202-32 - "Community Affairs Officer"
  18. 303-07 - "Play Streets"-- Who is required to place �Play Street� stanchions in the roadway??
    Precinct personnel concerned
  19. Who can provide assistance to supervisors investigating court appearances that resulted in overtime??
    Interim Order 14(05) - "Criminal Justice Bureau - Borough Court Liaison Officer"
  20. 203-02 - "Courtesies"-- Remove hat and stand at attention in whose office?
    Police Commissioner,deputy commissioner or member above rank of lieutenant
  21. 303-09 - "Community Affairs"-- The COMMANDING OFFICER will establish and maintain a community council. Who is it open to?
    all persons who live and work within command boundaries and are interested in council objectives
  22. 203-04 - "Fitness for Duty"-- any UMOS who causes serious physical injury to another person while operating a motor vehicle and is determined to be unfit for duty due to the consumption of alcohol WILL RESULT IN??
    termination from the New York City Police Department, absent exigent circumstances
  23. 303-09 - "Community Affairs"-- The COMMANDING OFFICER will maintain community affairs file HOW??
    alphabetically listing individuals and organizations within the command
  24. 203-05 - "Performance on Duty - General"-- According to this procedure, there are three places to take your meal period, what are they??
    police facility, a bona fide restaurant or Department vehicle
  25. Interim Order 7(10) - Revision to PG 206-03, "Violations Subject to Command Discipline"-- When it has been determined that disciplinary action should be taken for the loss of or failure to safeguard a firearm, a consultation with WHO will be made??
    the Department Advocate�s Office to determine appropriate disciplinary action
  26. 303-09 - "Community Affairs"-- In regareds to YOUTH COUNCILS, who is available to assure uniformity of procedure, and shall be consulted on all fund raising activities??
    the Deputy Commissioner,Community Affairs
  27. Interim Order 7(10) - Revision to PG 206-03, "Violations Subject to Command Discipline"-- Loss of summons or loss of summons book is a SCHEDULE??
  28. Interim Order 7(10) - Revision to PG 206-03, "Violations Subject to Command Discipline"-- Loss of Department property is a schedule??
  29. Interim Order 7(10) - Revision to PG 206-03, "Violations Subject to Command Discipline"-- Failure to give name and shield number to person requesting is a SCHEDULE??
  30. 304-01 - "Department Telephones and Switchboards"-- COMMANDING OFFICER/SUPERVISORY HEAD will Sign and forward to Commanding Officer, Communications Division, ________ day of each month, each page of OUTGOING TOLL CALLS prepared during previous month??
  31. 305-04 - "Unit Citations"-- UNIT COMMANDER will Submit requests for Unit Citation on Typed Letterhead, through channels, to who??
    the Police Commissioner
  32. 203-16 - "Guidelines For Acceptance of Gifts and other Compensation by MOS"-- WHO is responsible to ensure command copies of "Board of Ethics rulings" are maintained in Command Reference Library??
    Commanding officers
  33. 317-01 ELECTION DAY AVAI--
    Regular days off and chart excusals will not be cancelled unless

    directed by the Chief of Department
  34. 317-01 ELECTION DAY AVAIL--Commanding officers concerned will submit report to _________requesting exemption from election duty of members temporarily assigned to essential duty
    Chief of Department
  35. I.O.30_06_ SEX OFFENDER---COMMANDING OFFICER, As directed by Patrol Borough Commander, direct ______to notify entities with vulnerable populations that a registered sex
    offender is residing in the precinct
    community affairs officer
  36. I.O.30_06_ SEX OFFENDER--If a registered sex offender walks into a precinct asking to register or file a change of
    address form, that individual should be directed to report to ?
  37. I.O.30_06_ SEX OFFENDER---Members of the service who have questions regarding the registration, dissemination,
    notification and arrest of registered sex offenders may call
    the Special Victims Division,Sex Offender Monitoring Unit (SOMU)
    COMMANDING OFFICER, Advise _____if additional police officers would be

    patrol borough commander
  39. 305-05 AUTHORIZATION FOR SPECIAL WEAP--When a commanding officer of WHICH UNITS?- determines it necessary for a
    uniformed member of the service to carry weapons other than those outlined in
    P.G. 204-09 Submit report on Typed Letterhead, to CO,FTS
    Detective Bureau, InternalAffairs Bureau or Organized Crime Control Bureau
  40. 305-06 Inspection of Uniforms RN 10-01--COMMANDING
    OFFICER , Post notice on bulletin board at least __days prior to inspection,
    listing dates and items to be inspected.
    thirty (30)

  41. 305-06 Inspection of Uniforms RN 10-01--COMANDING OFFICER, Compare handguns listed on FORCE RECORD with _____ forwarded annually for the november uniform inspection
    Handgun Computer Printout
  42. 313-05 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS --who Maintains a list of all chemical substances being used or stored at the command?
    • SAFETY

  43. 313-05 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS If a MSDS for a potentially hazardous substance that the command purchased independently of the Quartermaster Section or the Department of citywide Administrative Services is not available, the command safety officer should ?
    directly contact the manufacturer concerned
  44. 313-06 OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH INSP--The COMMANDING OFFICER will have _________confer with the Occupational Safety and
    Health Unit to obtain advice/technical assistance regarding abatement?
    command safety officer
  45. 204-03 UNIFORMS--Patrol Tactical pants may be worn by all ranks of UMOS when?
    • PATROL
  46. 203-12 DEADLY

    Complete this sentence, "The most serious act
    in which a police officer can engage is the use of__ ?"
    "deadly force"
  47. 203-21 - Integrity Monitoring File--The Integrity
    Monitoring Log
    is divided equally into how many sectoins entitled what?
    three (3) separate sections

    • --Designated
    • Off-limits Locations

    • --Unlawful
    • Locations

    • --Cooping
    • Location

  48. 203-24 - Personal Information Via Department Intranet
    How does
    a UNIFORMED MEMBERS OF THE SERVICE make a benificiary change?
    must file necessary forms at the Police Pension Fund
  49. 203-24 - Personal Information Via Department Intranet--how does a CIVILIAN MEMBERS OF THE SERVICE make a beneficiary change?
    file necessary forms at the Employee Management Division located at one police plaza
  50. 203-20 - Authorized Leave-- Regarding e-day request, Once a decision has been rendered regarding the E-DAY
    request, the DESK OFFICER will make an entry where?

  51. 303-06 School Crossings-- How do you Assign school crossing guard to school crossing regarding the morning assembly?

    • One half hour before to ten minutes after

  52. 303-06 School Crossings-- How do you Assign school crossing guard to school crossing regarding lunch period?
    • From beginning of, until ten minutes after

    • until ten minutes after
  53. 303-06 School Crossings-- How do you Assign school crossing guard to school crossing regarding final dismissal?

    • Fifteen minutes prior to, and continuing until

  54. 303-06 School Crossings-- How do you Assign school crossing guard to school crossing regarding scheduled fire drills and/or early dismissals?

    • During
  55. 303-06 School Crossings--Commanding Officer- When location of signal box has changed you will prepare report of facts and forward what and where?
    • forward, with School Crossing Information Card
    • , through channels, to the Chief of Patrol

  56. 303-07 Play Streets-- usually between the hours of ?

    8 a.m. until one-half (1/2) hour after sunset, unless different times are posted
  57. 205-48 - Evaluations - General - Members of the Service-- RATER, Comment on all Performance Areas/Behavioral Dimensions rated below
    competent ______?
    (2.0 or 1.0)
  58. 205-48 - Evaluations - General - Members of the Service--RATER, Certify evaluation process as complete by HOW?
  59. 205-48 - Evaluations - General - Members of the Service-- If ratee receives an overall evaluation of below competent __________ or is rated extremely
    competent (5.0), the reviewer MUST be in the rank of Captain or above, or WHO ELSE?
    • (2.5 or lower)
    • AND
    • selected civilian managerial titles
  60. 205-49 - Evaluation of Probationary Police Officers-- COMMANDING OFFICER/ SUPERVISOR CONCERNED (PERMANENT COMMAND) will Evaluate probationary police officers via the Online Evaluation System when?
    • (3) times during their probationary period: the tenth 10 th), sixteenth (16th) and twenty-second 22nd) month

  61. 205-49 - Evaluation of Probationary Police Officers--When a commanding officer becomes aware
    that a probationary officer’s performance may be below standards, supervisors should
    be instructed to carefully document the member’s performance by?
    utilizing the minor violations log, command discipline, and when appropriate, charges and specifications
  62. 205-36 - Employment Discrimination-- “Request for Reasonable
    Accommodation” form must be readily available at all New York City Police
    Department facilities. BUT copies can be reproduced from WHAT ?
    the “Appendix” of the annual E.E.O. Policy Book
  63. 205-36 - Employment Discrimination--a commanding officer, under the guidance and
    direction of the Deputy Commissioner, E E O may investigate and or conciliate Equal Employment Opportunity complaints , but how is Mediation handled?
    by a neutral mediation service
  64. 308-01 COMPLAINT FILE-- complaints will be filed how?

    chronologically by category
  65. 308-01 COMPLAINT FILE-- The Command Clerk will file COMPLAINT REPORTS affecting other commands

    chronologically in the rear of the file
  66. 308-05 Auditing Radio Runs I.O. 51 s.11-- When an audit is to be conducted, the PRECINCT COMMANDING OFFICER designate who ?
    a uniformed supervisor to perform the audit
  67. 308-05 Auditing Radio Runs I.O. 51 s.11--PRECINCT COMMANDING
    OFFICER will review all four audits for the month to ensure completeness and
    corrective action was taken AND identify the audit for the month with the most incidents of WHAT?
    • most incidents of past crimes and crimes in progress
  68. 308-05 Auditing Radio Runs I.O. 51 s.11-- REGARDING SPIA Printouts, If the application freezes during this process PRESS ?
    • the Ctrl key
  69. 308-06 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE FOR MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC-- When a member of the public states that they have been subjected to
    discrimination by this Department THE MOS WILL?
    Attempt to accommodate grievant and provide requested service.
    Advise complainant to forward grievance in writing to: Deputy Commissioner, Equal Employment Opportunity
  71. 308-06 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE FOR MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC--A complaint must be in writing and filed within ______ days after the complainant
    becomes aware of the alleged violation
    thirty (30)
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