1. How long does an MOS that is voluntarily requesting a Dole test have to deliver 49 to Chief of Peronnel?
    within 24 hrs of becoming aware of allegation
  2. Who gives permission to unseal a negative voluntary Dole case folder?
  3. When Must an MOS submit 2 copies of appeal for Department recognition by to the Borough Recognition Committee?
    Withi in 10 days of publication in the personnel order for EPD or MPD (all else to PC)
  4. How long does an MOS have to report to a psychological Services Unit after an incident requiring trauma counseling team?
    48 hrs
  5. Where does MOS forward a report detailing vacation days lost due to sick leave?
  6. When application for transfer is withdrawn where does MOS forward (direct) 4 copies of a 49?
    CO personnel orders section
  7. What restrictions apply to Chronic "B" sick?
    • 1) not eligible for Admin Sick
    • 2)Assigned to the specil medical district
    • 3)Not permitted to leave residence without permission of special medical district surgeon
    • (violators get charges and specs
  8. When can a modified UMOS work in off duty employment?
    Thier CO has to get permission from 1st Dep
  9. How can a MOS request a reveiw of a disapproved off duty employment application?
    Typed letterhead to CO EMD
  10. Who assigns precinct/command serial number to all requests for Department Recognition?
    Ops Coordinator
  11. If there is a jury duty and police related court conflict who do you notify?
    CO and District Attorney
  12. When does a UMOS notify the Deparment she is pregnant?
    when UMOS is informed by her private doctor
  13. When does Chronic "A" come off your record? Chronic "B"?
    • Chronic A= 6 months
    • Chronic B = 9 months
  14. If a MOS is LOD and killed or SILD where does copy of reports go to?
    Police Pension Section
  15. Who can speak to(or see body) seriously injured UMOS that is LOD or killed in hospital?
    PC(1st Dep if not available), Boro CO(XO if not available), Chief of Dept, Bureau Chief, Dept Chaplain, Detective assigned, Crime scene tech, Line/Org rep, Police woman's Endowment (if female)
  16. Who does a MOS submit the request for voluntary drug testing to? and how long does MOS have to deliver such request?
    Chief of personnel and 24 hrs
  17. When can you carry a rubber billet on bike patrol? (times)
    all tours
  18. If there is not a patrol kit available where does UMOS request one from?
    Communications Section
  19. What hrs are supervisors not allowed to call a UMOS offering administrative return?
    2100 to 0900 hrs
  20. Who completes the resignation form and the property receipt/discontinuance of police service when a MOS resigns?
    MOS does resignation form and Command Clerk does property receipt and Discontinuance of police service form
  21. Who prepares a 28 for bereavement leave is MOS unable to?
    roll call clerk
  22. If the trauma counseling team is required how does the DO request them?
    DO notifies operations, Operations notifies sick desk, sick desk notifies the "TCT"
  23. If injured or LOD outside residence counties where does UMOS call? What if you make arrest?
    Medical Division Sick Desk and if you make arrest Operations
  24. Where does MOS advise complaint of a grievance (by public) for disability to forward written grievence to?
    Deputy Comm. OEEO
  25. Who does an MOS contact to determine if an aided transported to a medical facility is HIV positive?
    MOS calls Medical Division Hazmat Unit
  26. Where does the roll call clerk enter all notifications regarding scheduled court appearences to sick UMOS?
    telephone record
  27. Under what circumstances does a hard copy of an evaluation get forwarded to EMD?(finest message may 17, 2006)
    If its for any rank on probation
  28. Who notifies operations if an MOS requires hospital treatment?(IO33s-04)
    Investigating Supervisor
  29. Who does DO notify if an active member of command or retired MOS resides in command dies?
    Communications section and Unit Commander
  30. How long does Supervisor with OEEO complaint have to call OEEO? and forward report?
    Call immediately if regular busines day 0800-1800 Mon-Fri, or leave a message. Write report within 5 business days
  31. How often must a UMOS submit a renewal application of off duty employment?
    every 12 months at least 10 days prior to expiration
  32. How long prior ro a definite military leave must a MOS submit leave of absence report to timekeeper?
    at least 2 weeks prior
  33. Who does Do notify when a retired/vested/resigning MOS's "property receipt/discontinuance of police service" form is filed?
    CO,next higher command, roll call
  34. Where is the "discontinuance of Police Service" filed by DO?
    property receipt book
  35. If an MOS needs blood because of serious injury who do you call?
  36. In cases of temp. removal of firearms, non disciplinary cases who prepares the removal/restoration firearms report?
    Medical Division
  37. Who must the ICO notify in writting that a MOS will be removed from the active reserve roster?
    CO and MELD
  38. When should a pregnant UMOS telephone the pregnancy Medical Dist?
    • 1) within 10 days of delivery date to confirm &
    • 2) during 5th post delivery week
  39. When does DO immediately notify the sick desk boss or sick desk regarding LOD?
    • Not witnessed AND 1)injured in police facility, 2) injured in immediate vacinity of police facility, 3) injury occured during 1st 2 hrs of a tour
    • OR
    • any request for LOD by off duty UMOS
  40. Where does DO document the verification of MOS is at stated location when sick?
    Sick report
  41. If the ICO determines a MOS failed to attend reserve/Nat Guard drill after timeoff was granted what will the ICO initiate?
    Charges and Specs
  42. Who does the DO notify when a MOS resigns
  43. What must the request for voluntary drug testing contain?
    • 1) union member rep or attorney consulted
    • 2)circumstancces to which the member was accused
  44. When may drug screening for discretionary promotion occur?
    90 days prior or until 18 months after promotion
  45. If a precinct platoon commander is unavailable to do Part A and part B of a LOD who prepares it?
    • A- Do designates a supv to do, if unavailable DO does
    • B-Patrol Supv
  46. What is Chronic A and B sick?
    • A-4 or more times in 12 months
    • B6 or more times in 12 months or 4 or more times in 12 months and loses 40 or more workdays
  47. Who does 49 when firearm, ID, sheild is safeguarded for sick UMOS?
    Command Clerk
  48. What does not count towards Chronic A or B sick?
    Initial LOD or Hospitalization
  49. If 2 or more pcts in 1 Boro are involved in same incident up for Dept recognition who determines which pct will conduct investigation? if diff boro?
    • Same boro-Patrol Boro Commander
    • Diff Boro- Honor committee
  50. When does the principle or Ops Coord telephone district surgeon to determine if member is able to appear at scheduled Criminal Ct, trial Rm or Gov't agency?
    2 days before scheduled appearence
  51. Who must give there approval in writting for a MOS to be a technical advisor to movie/TV Show?
    Chief of personnel
  52. Who do you submit official jury duty documentation to?
  53. Who does DO notify if UMOS is absent without leave for more than 4 hrs?
    • CO Duty capt
    • boro Cmd
    • operations
    • IAB
    • *make Cmd log entry
  54. How many days prior to a visit to a correctional facility must a MOS forward a typed letterhead to their Co?
    7 Days
  55. What color copy of an application for transfer is placed in members personal folder by DO?
  56. Who do you notify if you have jury duty and you go sick?
    Your command and or Medical Division and appropriate court
  57. What must a Supervisor made aware of the display of offensive material do with such
    take possession of photograph the offensive material under the direction of OEEO prior to correcting condition
  58. After CO approves an application for transfer where must the MOS forward the white yellow and blue copies to?
    CO Personnel Order Section
  59. What is the max number of comp days?
  60. What must a resigning MOS bring with them to the pension section on last working day?
    • 1)Property receipt discontinouance of Police Service
    • 2)All Department property
    • 3)2 copies of PCI (pink and green)
  61. What are the filing periods for OEEO for each office
    1)NYPD,2)NYC Comm on human rights,3)NYS HumanRights Div, 4)US EEO Comm
    • 1) 1yr, 2) 1yr, 3)1 yr if civil suit hasnt been filed first
    • 4) 180 days
  62. What does DO do if they suspect a sick MOS is not at stated location?
    Notify Sick Desk Supv for referral to Med Div absence Control and Inv Unit
  63. Who does and who ensures that the Medical Div page on intranet is accessed to ensure member that reported sick is listed and to see who went sick for each tour?
    • DO does
    • Co ensures
  64. What does DO do if they suspect a sick MOS of malingering?
    Notify Med Div Absence Control and Investigations Unit direct
  65. After how many days sick does CO call Surgeon to estimate date of return? Where is this information entered?
    • after 5 workdays
    • entered on Absence and tardiness record
  66. Who's permission does a UMOS need to leave city or resident counties while on sick?
    Chief of Personnel
  67. Who prefers the charges if the Special Medical District determines a sick UMOS could travel or are not sick/injured? if a sick UMOS is determined fit for duty and goes sick again for same reason prior to next tour?
    • 1) Ranking officer from Medical Div
    • 2)CO Medical Division
  68. Where are firearms to be safeguarded while sick to be delivered by UMOS? If they can't deliver who is notified?
    • Delivered to DO resident precinct
    • Unable to Deliver notify DO permanent command
  69. IF a sick UMOS property is being safeguarded how long can it be stored in command? where is it forwarded to after that?
    • 1 week
    • After 1 week forward firearms to Property Clerk Boro Office with invoice
    • and
    • Shield and ID to ID Card and Shield Unit
  70. Where does UMOS sign for preoprty that is being stored for safekeeping while sick?
    sign bottom of authorization as receipt for property
  71. Where does the Investigation Supervisor indicate whether a LOD injury comes under FECA?
    In box captioned patrol command supervisor's report of injury (Positive or Negative) on LOD report
  72. after CO reveiws LOD report and witness statements, what do they do for disapproved LOD?
    put why on back and sign
  73. Why would a CO prepare a 49 for LOD injury?
    If member was on probation
  74. Where does UMOS request verification of final LOD designation? Retired UMOS?
    • UMOS-CO
    • Retired UMOA-Medical Division
  75. If a LOD injury comes under FECA the member's CO forwards LOD, Witness statement, copy of 49, rap sheet, ct complaint, firearms trace, and US Dept of labor form to Medical Division within how many days?
  76. What does CO do after being notified that a MOS is visiting an imate while off duty?
    • Notify IAB
    • approve or dissaprove request and notify MOS
    • forward copy of request to IAB and file in MOS folder
  77. Where does MOS give a completed verification report of Therapy to?
  78. After DO learns of a death of MOS either member of command or retired member residing in command where do they notify?
    Telephone communications Section and Notify Unit Commander
  79. How does DO request Trauma Counseling Team?
    Notify Operations
  80. Where does CO forward unusual occurence 49 and firearms discharge report to regarding trauma counseling team?
    CO Med Div and
  81. How long does CO excuse a CMOS when they donate blood?
    3 hrs
  82. Where does CO ensure thatJury Duty dates are entered if a member of command is summonsed?
    Command Diary
  83. If necessary where does CO forward a request regarding a police related court conflict with a UMOS that is summonsed for jury duty?
    Commissioner of Jurors explaining conflict and reason for excusal from jury duty
  84. Where does Designated Supv notify if a MOS fails to provide Commission Orders, Drill Schedule, or Military Contract?
    Operations Coordinator and ICO
  85. How long does a MOS returning from miliitary leave have to submit "certificate fo attendence"?
    within 10 days
  86. What disciplinary action is taken for UMOS 1) refusing drug screening? 2) failing drug screening?
    • 1)suspension
    • 2)charges and specs
  87. Where does the DO send a retiring/resigning MOS metrocard?
    Deliver to EMD
  88. What are MOS with less than 2 yrs service and MOS with less than 3 years service not usually considered for by the Integrity Reveiw Board?
    • <2yrs-Pct to pct transfer
    • <3yrs-Interveiw for an investigative assignment
  89. Who verifies that a metrocard serial number is on the MOS 10 card?
  90. What must be done with teh list of clients for Off Duty Employment as a watch guard?
    Submit to Intell Div and ID Section
  91. When can the 180 day time persion for filing an OEEO complaint with the US EEO Comm. be extended?
    If complaint filed with NYC and NYS
  92. Where does DO record exposure number?
    Command Log
  93. When may a UMOS engage in off duty employment without prior approval?
    • 1)during suspension without pay
    • 2)continuous vac/terminal leave after filing for retirement
  94. How long after completion of the "Notice of Failure to Qualify with Firearms" does a UMOS have to qualify? If they dont what disciplinary measures are taken?
    • 30 days
    • charges and specs
  95. For what item(s) does DO of the command of surrender for temporary removal of firearms (non disciplinary) prepare a PCI?
    • Firearms
    • (not shield and ID)
  96. Where does a MOS's immediate supervisor requesting Department recognition deliver the completed forms to?
    Ops Coordinator precinct of occurence
  97. When will a Trauma Counseling Team respond to an incident?
    • 1)MOS is shot or SI in LOD
    • 2)Any incident pursuant to request from Capt or above
  98. Who does a UMOS reporting sick tell if they cannot get to the district surgeon the next day?
  99. Who do you call if you have questions regarding Jury Duty?
    Office of labor relations
  100. If any comp time is acurred over the maximum amount when must it be taken by?
    within 30 days
  101. Where does the supervisor receiving sick make an entry on date of court appearence and under date 2 days prior for UMOS?
    Command Diary
  102. If drugs/paraphernalia are vouchered as "invest evidence " for "Dole for cause" cases what is put on top of PCI?
    Not to be destroyed without approval of Dept Advocate
  103. If MOS refuses to report to pension fund on last working day who will accept their property?
  104. Who should the 49 be addressed to for new Early Intervention Monitoring Cases?
    Chief of Personnel
  105. How long does a subject officer for Dole for cause have to request a retest? to who?
    60 days to Dept. Advocate
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