Transcription case 3

  1. alveolitis
    inflamation of alveoli [air sacks in lungs]
  2. amphoric
    a hollow sound resulting from percussion over a lung cavity
  3. asystolic
    absence of a heartbeat
  4. brushings
    to obtain cell samples using a brush; this material can be sent for histologic or cytologic evaluation
  5. congestion
    swelling of blood vessels due to engorgement with blood
  6. cortical atrophy
    death of cells in the cerbral cortex [part of the brain]
  7. Coumadin
    trade name for warfarin sodium, an anticoagulant drug
  8. CT
    abbreviation for computed tomography
  9. dialysis catheter
    tubular instrument inserted into a major vein in order to filter the blood of impurities: done in patients whose kidneys have less than normal function.
  10. dilatation
    the condition of being stretched [dilated] beyond normal dimenstions
  11. effusion
    the escape of fluid into a body part or tissue
  12. embolectomy
    surgical removal of a blood clot [embolis] from a blood vessel
  13. etiology
    cause or origin of a disease or disorder
  14. glottis
    the opening between the vocal cords and the larynx
  15. hemoptysis
    the expectoration or spitting up of blood or blood-stained sputum
  16. hydrocephalus
    an increase in the volume of cerbrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the cerebrum
  17. hypokinesia
    abnormally decreased motor function or activity
  18. infiltrate
    V- to penietrate small openings of a tissue or substance; N- when present on chest x-ray it indicates pneumonia
  19. intravenous
    within or through a vein
  20. lesion
    a traumatic break in tissue or a pathologic loss of function of a part of the body
  21. mediastinal
    pertaining to the membranous partition spearating the lungs or the two plural sacs
  22. myocardial infarction
    gross necrosis of the mycardium due to lack of blood supply to the area [heart attack]
  23. septicemia
    toxins in the blood, also called blood poisoning
  24. thrombosis
    formation or presence of a thrombus or blood clot
  25. tracheostomy
    surgical opening into the trachea
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