1. Safe lifting
    use of legs, not back and lifting as close to the patient as possible
  2. Power grip
    10 inches apart
  3. Never reach more than...
    15 to 20 inches from the body
  4. Pushing or pulling...
    • 1. Push rather than pull, from the area from the waist to the shoulder
    • 2. Pull through the center of the body by bending at knees.
  5. Lifting an unresponsive patient
    recovery position
  6. lifting a patient with chest pain or dyspnea
    position of comfort
  7. lifting a patient with spinal injuries
    immobilized position
  8. position for a patient in shock
    legs elevated 8 to 12 inches
  9. type of stretcher used to carry a patient through narrow corridors or over rough terrain
    flexible stretcher (rescue stretcher)
  10. Posture of patient when the head is elevated, in sitting position
    Fowler's position
  11. position when the person is laying on their side
    lateral recumbent
  12. position of person laying on side, to help maintain a clear airway.
  13. Position where patient is supine on a surface inclined 45 degrees, with patient's head at the lower end and legs at upper end.
    Trendelenberg position
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