Psych Ch. 1 Final

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  1. Pyschology
    the scientific study of behavior that is tested through scientific research
  2. Hypothesis
    • assumption about behavior
    • tested through scientific research
  3. Theory
    • set of assumptions used to explain phenomena
    • offered for scientific study
  4. Wilhelm Wundt
  5. Phrenology
    examining bumps on a person's skull to determine their intellect and character traits
  6. Ivan Pavlov
  7. John B. Watson
  8. Behaviorist
    • psychologist who analyzes how organisms learn/modify their behavior
    • *based on their response to events in the environment
  9. Cognitivist
    • psychologists who studies how we process/store/retrieve/use info.
    • also study how cognitive processes influence our behavior
  10. Psychiatry
    branch of medicine that deals with mental/emotional/behavioral disorders
  11. Psychologist
    • scientist who studies the mind & behavior
    • *humans & animals
  12. American Psychological Association (APA)
    • professional society of psychologists & educators
    • world's largest association of psychologists
    • has 52 division, each representing a specific area or thing
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