Toxic effects of drugs

  1. Blood dyscrasia
    bone marrowj depression caused by drug effects on the rapidly multiplying cells of the bone marrow; lower-than-normal levels of blood components can be seen
  2. Dermatological reactions
    skin reactions commonly seen as adverse effects of drugs; can range from simple rash to potentially fatal exfoliative dermatitis
  3. Drug allergy
    formation of antibodies to a drug or drug protein; causes an immune response when the person is next exposed to that drug
  4. Hypersensitivity
    excessive responsiveness to either the primary or the secondary effects of a drug; may be caused by a pathological condition or, in the absence of one, by a particular patient's individual response
  5. Poisoning
    overdose of a drug that causes damage to multiple body systems and has the potential for fatal reactions
  6. Stomatitis
    inflammation of the mucous membranes related to drug effects; can lead to alterations in nutrition and dental problems
  7. Superinfections
    infections caused by the destruction of bacteria of the normal flora by certain drugs, which allow other bacteria to enter the body and cause infection; may occur during the course of antibiotic therapy
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