General Psychology Test #3 - Module 4_Stress & Illness.txt

  1. Define Health Psychology.
    A branch of psychology that focuses on lifestyle issues.
  2. Define stress.
    Response to our physical or psychological functioning being disrupted by certain events in our environment.
  3. Stressors are those _______________________.
    - Disruptive Events
  4. Often times stress can be the result of ______________ experiences (positive and negative).
    - emotional
  5. Define Lifestyle Issues.
    Reflecting the decisions we make and the behaviors we perform.
  6. A leading lifestyle factor that impacts our health is ____________.
    - Stress
  7. The leading cause of death in the early 1900s was _______________, now the leading of death is contributed to ____________.
    • - infectious diseases
    • - lifestyle issues
  8. Our stress response engages the _________________ system
    - sympathetic nervous
  9. List the three main physical responses to stress.
    • - increase in blood pressure
    • - increase in pulse
    • - begin to sweat
  10. Stress is often in response to an _______________.
    isolated event
  11. Define General adaptation syndrome (GAS).
    Explains our response when stress is prolonged.
  12. List the three stages of genearl adaptation syndrome.
    • - Alarm
    • - Resistance
    • - Exhaustion
  13. The part that is missing from GAS is _____________________
    Psychological component
  14. List the two part of how the stressor affects us
    • - Primary appraisal
    • - Secondary appraisal
  15. Define alarm
    The initial arousal of the sympathetic nervous system, releasting the necessary hormones in response to the imposing therat.
  16. ____________ is the same as when responding to an isolated event.
  17. Define resistance.
    This occurs if the stress is prolonged and our response is a continuation of the "alarm stage" - just not as intense, but on-going.
  18. Define exhaustion.
    A result of draining all of our physical resources.
  19. Define primary appraisal.
    An initial assessment that determines how threatening the event is perceived.
  20. Define secondary appraisal.
    How able one feels they can deal with it.
  21. Identify Homes & Rahe (1967).
    Made link between stress and health
  22. What is the effect of stress found in the immune system.
    Interfering with its ability to fight off viruses, bacteria, cancerous cells.
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