Brachial Plexus

  1. Branches from roots
    • Dorsal scapular n.(C5): levator scapulae + rhomboids
    • N. to subclavius (C5,6): subclavius
    • Long thoracic n. (C5, 6, 7): serratus anterior
  2. Branch from upper trunk
    Suprascapular n (C5, 6): supraspinatus + infraspinatus
  3. Branches from lateral cord (C5, 6, 7)
    • Lateral pectoral n.: Deep surface of Pectoralis major
    • Musculocutaneous n: Anterior arm
    • Lateral head of median n: Anterior forearm
  4. Branches from medial cord (C8, T1)
    • Medial pectoral n.: Pectoralis minor (passes between axillary artery and vein) and major
    • Medial cutaneous n. of arm (T1): Sensory supply to skin of medial arm up to medial epicondyle
    • Medial cutaneous n. of forearm (C8, T1): sensory supply to skin of lower part of arm and medial side of forearm
    • Medial head of median n.: Anterior forearm
    • Ulnar nerve: Medial aspect of arm, Intrinsic muscles of hand (apart from radial 2 lumbricals and thenar muscles)
  5. Branches from posterior cord (C5-T1)
    • Upper subscapular n. (C6): upper part of subscapularis
    • Thoracodorsal n. (C6,7,8): Latissimus dorsi
    • Lower subscapular n. (C6,7): Lower part of subscapularis and teres major
    • Axillary n. (C5, 6): Deltoid, Teres minor. Branches to shoulder joint, sensory supply to skin over lateral part of deltiod.
    • Radial n.: Muscles of posterior arm and forearm
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