7-1 Spanish

  1. asustarse
    to get scared
  2. compartir
    to share
  3. construir
    to build
  4. contar (ue) chistes
    to tell jokes
  5. cuando era joven
    when i was young
  6. cuando era niño/a
    when i was a child
  7. cuando tenía trece años
    when i was 3 yrs old
  8. de chiquito/a
    as a small child
  9. el niño/a
    as a child
  10. de pequeño/a
    as a child
  11. hacer travesuras
    to play tricks
  12. peler
    to fight
  13. soñar (ue) con
    to dream about
  14. trepar a los árboles
    to climb trees
  15. caer (le) bien/mal
    to like (dislike) someone
  16. encountrar (ue)... genial
    to think (something) was great
  17. fastidia
    to annoy
  18. molestar
    to bother
  19. odiar
    to hate
  20. parecer pesado
    to seem boring
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7-1 Spanish
7-1 Spanish