Black Firsts

  1. In 1818, he was the first African- American Episcopal Priest ordained in the United States. Name him.
    Absalom Jones
  2. She was born in Silver, South Carolina and became the first African-American to play tennis at the U.S. Open in 1950 and at Wimbledon in 1951. Name her.
    Althea Gibson
  3. Who was the first black player signed by a team in the National Basketball Association (NBA)?
    Chuck Cooper (1951)
  4. In 1822, he planned one of the most extensive revolts ever recorded but was betrayed before the plan was executed. Name him.
    Denmark Vesey
  5. The first black to receive a Ph. D. from an American University was also the first black selected to Phi Beta Kappa. Name him.
    Edward a Bouchet
  6. What are the names of the first father and son to play together on a major league baseball team?
    Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey, Jr.
  7. In 1973, with his first election he became the first African-American mayor of a southern city. Name him and the city.
    Maynard Jackson. Atlanta, GA
  8. A lawyer, educator, and poet, she was the first black American woman to be ordained an Episcopal priest. She authored the books, Song in a Wary Throat, Proud Shoes, and Dark Testament. Name her.
    Pauli Murray
  9. He was named judge of the Superior Court of North Carolina in 1970 and this appointment made him the first black judge in the state's history.
    Sammie Chess, Jr.
  10. Black pianist James P. Johnson is credited with making the first jazz solo piano recording. What was it?
    "Carolina Shout"
  11. Name the first song of Black American music that was made into a recording.
    "Crazy Blues" (1920)
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