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  1. first signs of hypovolemic shock
  2. earliest sign of any shock
  3. most reliable indicator of severity of injury in trauma is
  4. traumatic asphyxia signs
    • swollen pritruding tongue
    • bulging eyeballs
    • cyanosis
  5. in trauma give___ x esitimated blood loss of___
    • 3
    • LR
  6. primary phase of blast injury is
    rupture of hollow organs( large intesintines)
  7. s&s of neuro shock
    • hypotension
    • bradycardia
    • warm dry skin below the level of injury
  8. cushing triad
    • hypertension
    • bradycardia
    • irregular breathing

    oppsite of shock
  9. high cervical fx may
    impair resp
  10. battle sign
    eccymhmosis behind ear or mastiod process
  11. racoon eyes
    periorbital brusing
  12. 2nd degree burns have

    AKA partial thickness
  13. greater than____ percent is a major burn
    10% 3rd degree
  14. 2nd degree burns more than___ are significant
  15. only change in rule of nines from ped to adult is
    • peds legs are 13.5% not 18%
    • and peds heads are 18% not 9%

    • head 9
    • anterior 18
    • posterior 18
    • arms 9
    • legs 18
  16. maxium amount of crystalliod fluid given to adult trauma victim
  17. GCS

    • Gaze 4
    • Command5
    • Senory motor 6
  18. inflation of PASG
    left right abdomen
  19. how pt presents with fx clavicle
    injuried shoulder bent foward
  20. flat neck veins and dull to percussion is
  21. Beck triad indicates

    • narrowing pulse pressure
    • decreased BP
  22. a pt with major burns has hypvolemic shock due to
    plasma loss in the intersititial fluid shift
  23. Flail chest is
    3 or more ribs broken in 2+ places
  24. most serious complications of joint inury is
    nerve damage
  25. fx straight across shaft of bone
    transvers fx
  26. most common fx is
  27. child most common fx is called
  28. sprain
    ligaments torn, from motion forced beyound normal range of joint
  29. strain
  30. affect nerve pathways send sensory
    to the brain

    affect (ascending)
  31. effect nerve pathways send motor
    messages from brain to body
  32. most commonly injured abdominal organ from blunt trauma is the
    liver in the RUQ
  33. do not fluid overload what type of pt
    head injury
  34. most common type of MVA in rural area is
    frontal or head on
  35. kidney rely on what for perfussion
    stroke volume
  36. exsanguinate
    loss of blood to the point where life cannot be sustained
  37. pupils response what cranial nerve
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