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  1. RANKING OFFICER CONDUCTING INVESTIGATION if there is substantial issue as to the identity of the member concerned you will?
    conduct lineup
  2. If, for any reason, an investigation is not completed within ninety (90) days from the date of occurrence, the commanding officer responsible for the investigation will prepare DISPOSITION AND PENALTY REPORT FOR CIVILIAN COMPLAINTS INVESTIGATED BY NYPD, check WHICH caption??__________??and indicate the expected date of completion on the line provided.
    Investigation Not Completed,�
  3. COMMANDING OFFICER, MEMBER CONCERNED Advise member of the service concerned and member�s timekeeper that the penalty will be deducted by WHO?
    the Leave Integrity Management Section.
  4. If member of the service is transferred prior to penalty deduction,WHO? of imposed penalty?
    Notify member�s new commanding officer
  5. The BLANK ?will perform audits to ensure that disciplinary penalties levied are deducted from members� leave balances
    Quality Assurance Division
  6. When a member indicates on SUPERVISOR COMPLAINT REPORT/COMMAND DISCIPLINE ELECTION REPORT acceptance of command discipline, but seeks review of proposed disciplinary action the COMMANDING/EXECUTIVE OFFICER WILL Notify and forward all related papers to WHERE?
    next higher command
  7. In regards to the respondent and Panel Members, in what rank will the Panel members be
    at least one rank above
  8. NO panel member will serve HOW MANY TERMS?
    two consecutive terms.
  9. SUPERVISOR CONDUCTING LINEUP Assemble a lineup without unnecessary delay. Use at least __________members of the service, if possible
    six (6)
  10. Instruct participants to remove _____________________when appearing in uniform.?
    cap devices, shields and other identifying insignia
  11. If a member is DISMISSED from the Department, member�s commanding officer will forward a report of such fact to ______? TWOPLACES?
    the Employee Management Division and Property Clerk�s facility concerned
  12. When a member of the service is relieved from suspension THE COMMANDING OFFICER WILL Have report prepared containing THE ORDER NUMBER OR?
    or time and date of telephone message restoring member to duty
  13. COMMANDING OFFICER, MEMBER CONCERNED WILL Direct ____________who?to closely observe performance
    member�s immediate supervisor
  14. Upon notification that a member of the service has been placed on dismissal probation THE COMMANDING OFFICER, MEMBER CONCERNED WILL Assign member to WHAT type of duty?
    enforcement duties, if applicable
  15. COMMANDING OFFICER, MEMBER CONCERNED WILL Notify ____________of any negative performance indicators involving member (i.e., suspension, modified assignment)??
    Performance Monitoring Unit immediately
  16. An unsatisfactory PROBATION PERFORMANCE PROFILE or Performance Evaluation that documents poor performance, excessive absence/tardiness, or disciplinary problems during the probationary period may result WHAT FOR THE member?
    in the dismissal of the MEMBER
  17. A command discipline issued during the period of dismissal probation shall be imposed only AFTER?
    after consultation with the Department Advocate�s Office
  18. When notice is received by FINEST indicating that a member of the command has reported sick for the second time within a twelve (12) month period desk officer/counterpart will?
    Make entry in SICK LOG AND Notify commanding officer/operations coordinator
    Telephone sick member as soon as practicable after notification received. (DO NOT CALL BETWEEN 2100 AND 0900).
  20. How does the DESIGNATED MEMBER document when a civilian member of the service takes unscheduled leave for For sick line of duty old or new).??
    By entering SD on calendar portion of ABSENCE AND TARDINESS RECORD
  21. WHEN MEMBER RETURNS FROM UNSCHEDULED LEAVE The COMMANDING OFFICER/ SUPERVISORY HEAD will Review member�s attendance record for previous _________months, prior to conducting interview
    twelve (12)
  22. IF a sub-managerial civilian member is eligible for CIVILIAN RECORD OF SUPERVISORY CONFERENCES (SUB-MANAGERIAL) Steps I through III AND the commanding officer/supervisory head MUST conduct THE interview, WHAT STEP MUST THIS BE?
    Step III
  23. Whenever a commanding officer/supervisory head makes a telephone inquiry as to the nature of a member�s illness and expected date of return a notation will be entered under ___________________caption on rear of ABSENCE AND TARDINESS RECORD that said inquiry was made
  24. WHENEVER A UNIFORMED MEMBER OF THE SERVICE IS LATE THE DESIGNATED MEMBER WILL Enter on calendar portion of ABSENCE AND TARDINESS RECORD, the date that member is late, BY utilizing ______________________?
    Code T For tardiness
  25. In ADDITION to the code letter �T� being entered on the calendar portion of the ABSENCE AND TARDINESS RECORD, indicate number of minutes late on the rear of RECORD under caption ___________________________?
    No. of Days
  26. COMMANDING OFFICER/ SUPERVISORY HEAD Verify that interview/review of all unscheduled leave absences was conducted by initialing and dating the entry ________________on rear of ABSENCE AND TARDINESS RECORD.? AND Have uniformed member concerned initial and date under caption?
    per caption �C.O.� / �EMPL.�
  27. Completed ABSENCE AND TARDINESS RECORD for the entire year will be filed WHERE?
    in member�s Personal Folder.
  28. According to this procedure, who makes required entries in COMMAND DISCIPLINE LOG?
  29. Who is available to advise commanding/executive officers concerning command discipline charges??
    Personnel assigned to the Department Advocate�s Office
    investigate to determine if allegation is substantiated
  31. COMMANDING/ EXECUTIVE OFFICER If allegation is not substantiated AND for actions described in violations subject to command discipline Schedule �A� how do you indicate your findings AND where do you file the REPORT?
    Indicate findings on REPORT And File the report in back of Command Discipline Log after recording disposition
  32. COMMANDING/ EXECUTIVE OFFICER If allegation is not substantiated AND for actions described in violations subject to command discipline Schedule �B� how do you indicate your findings AND where do you file the REPORT?
    Indicate findings on REPORT Forward copy to next higher command for informational purposes
  33. COMMANDING/ EXECUTIVE OFFICER Advise member that he/she is entitled to, Accept finding and proposed penalty, or Accept finding but appeal proposed penalty to _________? or Decline to accept the finding and proposed penalty and have the matter resolved HOW?
    Command Discipline Review Panel through formal charges and specifications.
  34. In ALL cases where a Schedule �B� command discipline has been substantiated and disposed of, forward a copy of the REPORT to WHO??Two places??
    Department Advocate�s Office AND the Disciplinary Assessment Unit, through channels.
  35. Remove and destroy records and dispositions of convictions listed under Schedule �A� WHEN???, provided the member has no subsequent disciplinary violations
    on the anniversary date of each entry
  36. cOMMANDING/ EXECUTIVE OFFICER If you are Warning and admonishing in writing, where is the copy to be filed??
    with the papers
  37. COMMANDING/ EXECUTIVE OFFICER IF YOU are Restricting out-of-command assignments, which pay �portal-to portal� and overtime for a fixed period, not to exceed how long?
    five (5) such assignments
    Telephone the Internal Affairs Bureau Command Center. Obtain name of Internal Affairs Bureau member notified and log number.
  39. When a member of the service has been suspended, the completed CHARGES AND SPECIFICATIONS will be forwarded to the requesting supervisor within ____________days from the time the request for charges is received??
    two (2) business days
  40. A ranking officer MUST SUSPEND a member of the service when the member Is absent without leave for HOW LONG?
    five (5) consecutive tours
  41. In all cases in which the investigating commanding officer/duty captain is contemplating changing the duty status of a member of the service he/she should confer with ___________?? to ascertain any relevant information pertaining to the member(s) of the service, PRIOR to making this decision
    the Internal Affairs Bureau Command Center
  42. Suspension by a ranking officer, by a Traffic Manager or an Administrative School Safety Manager, other than a captain and above, is by authority of ____________??
    the First Deputy Commissioner
  43. A ranking officer who reasonably believes that a uniformed member of the service is unfit for duty due to effects of an alcoholic intoxicant will notify the PRECINCT COMMANDER/DUTY CAPTAIN who will respond, conduct an investigation, and based upon _____________ WILL determine if the member is fit for duty?
    common sense standards

  44. when a uniformed member of the service is suspended RANKING OFFICER IN CHARGE:Direct member to report in person, if not on sick report, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to residence precinct. Captain and above will report ? WHERE??
    to residence borough command.
  45. Inform suspended member that he may request waiver of reporting requirement by submitting form
    at residence precinct or Department Advocate�s Office
  46. Desk officer: Direct member to prepare REPORT OF SUSPENDED MEMBER�S VISIT in your presence Make entry in Command Log and deliver REPORT to ________??
    integrity control officer
  47. ICO Check _____________________________each day to ensure that uniformed members who are required to report are added to the list as required??
    Telephone Record and FINEST messages
  48. when a civilian member of the service is suspended: RANKING OFFICER IN CHARGE Notify the following
    Operations Unit/ Internal Affairs Bureau Command Center/ Civilian member�s commanding officer/counterpart, if not present.
  49. A civilian member of the service under suspension who desires to be restored to duty will submit a written request to ??
    the First Deputy Commissioner through the Department Advocate�s Office
  50. All members of the service (uniformed or civilian), who receive a personal service summons for a criminal violation, are required to immediately notify _______and provide the commanding officer with a copy of the summons.
    their commanding officer
  51. RANKING OFFICER CONDUCTING INVESTIGATION Submit report on Typed Letterhead to Chief of Department within ____________ HOW LONG?
    twenty-four (24) hours.
    observations of member of the service
  53. All members of the service who are the subject of an official investigation or are a witness in an official investigation, shall be given a reasonable period of time to obtain and confer with counsel prior to questioning. Who can determine that reasonable period of time?
    the determination as to what is a reasonable time will be made by the captain (or above) in charge of the investigation
  54. SUPERVISOR IN CHARGE OF INVESTIGATION Notify the _______________when member of the service is directed to leave his post or assignment to report for an official investigation
    desk officer immediately
  55. Permit representative of department line organization to be ___________when???during interrogation???
    present at all times
  56. When a member of the service wishes to seal all records pertaining to a Schedule �B� command discipline MEMBER OF THE SERVICE Prepare a Typed Letterhead addressed to commanding officer requesting the sealing of Schedule �B� command discipline on the__________ from the date of disposition?
    3rd anniversary
  57. Allegations of (�M� Cases) or (�C� Cases) which result in a final disposition of exonerated or unfounded will be sealed in the member�s Central Personnel Index by the Internal Affairs Bureau. WHAT ARE �M� AND �C� CASES?
    (�M� )misconduct //(�C� )corruption
  58. When a member of the service (uniformed or civilian) who has been found �not guilty� after a Department trial requests to have disciplinary charges sealed the UNIFORMED MEMBER OF THE SERVICE will??
    Prepare request on Typed Letterhead, not earlier than two (2) years following final decision after trial
  59. A trial decision is final on the date it is signed by?
    the Police Commissioner
  60. WHO IS is available to provide field commanders or internal investigation units with advice concerning charges and specifications, command disciplines, suspensions, and/or arrests of members of the service (uniformed or civilian).??
    The Department Advocate's Office is
  61. When does the UMOS sign in Personnel Orders Section sign-in log??
    when directed by Personnel Orders Section, Uniform Assignment Unit personnel.
  62. When a modified member, who has been temporarily assigned to an administrative/support command, has performed in an exemplary manner, the commanding officer may request permanent assignment upon member's restoration tofull duty, needs of the service permitting. Transfer requests must be forwarded, through channels, to ________________for approval prior to restoration from modified assignment?
    the Police Commissioner
  63. When a uniformed member of the service is suspended or placed on modified Assignment. The RANKING OFFICER WILL Obtain member�s pistols, revolvers, shield and IDENTIFICATION CARD. Question member to determine if he possesses additional pistols or revolvers. WHO notifies member�s permanent command and request a check of member�s FORCE RECORD (PD406-143) to determine if all weapons listed have been surrendered?
  64. TO RESTORE FIREARMS TO A MEMBER WHEN REASON FOR REMOVAL NO LONGER EXISTS-- Obtain from desk officer the three (3) copies of the appropriate REMOVAL/RESTORATION OF FIREARMS REPORT which have been retained in command. Sign request statement in Part B and submit to COMMANDING OFFICER. The COMMANDING OFFICER will indicate APPROVAL or DISAPPROVAL on Part B and forward two (2) copies to ?
    the Medical Division
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