Structural Steel Detailing Pt. 4

  1. Shim consisting of a narrow piece of structural steel with slots open through the edge.
    Finger shim
  2. To smooth a surface by milling or other suitable means. to face.
  3. A partial checking of the shop drawings to ensure the proper connection of the members in the field.
    Fit check
  4. A shop workman who assembles the component parts of a member and bolts or welds them in position.
  5. The term describing a beam or girder in which the connections at the ends are rigid and end rotation is prevented.
    Fixed-ended beam
  6. A special device built in the fabricating shop to locate and clamp component parts of a welded assembly prior to welding. Usually used for fabricating several members having the same configuration, such as a group of roof trusses.
    Fixture or Jig
  7. A gas flame or torch used for cutting steel by melting a narrow slot by means of an intense heat.
  8. A plate in which the longitudinal edges have been prepared by gas cutting from a larger plate.
    Flame-cut plate
  9. The wide part of a rolled W, M, HP, S or channel shape at each edge of the web. Also, the corresponding portion of a built-up girder or H-shaped column.
  10. A plate used as the flange of a built-up girder or similar member. Or, a plate used on the flange to reinforce of connect the flange.
    Flange plate
  11. A weld that attaches a flange. Also, a weld theat attaches a flange plate to the web plate of a built-up girder or column.
    Flange weld
  12. A narrow plate with rolled edge.
  13. A connection permitting a portion but not all, of the rotation of the end of a member.
    Flexible connection
  14. Bending. Commonly applied to describe the bending of a beam, girder or column.
  15. Steel plates used as reinforcement for timber beams.
    Flitch plate
  16. A beam participating in the support of a floor
    Floor beam
  17. A plan showing the arrangement of beams, girders, bracing, columns, etc. in a floor.
    Floor plan
  18. A reinforced-concrete floor supported by beams, girders and columns.
    Floor slab
  19. The tops of connecting members, such as beams and girders in a floor arrangement, which are at the same elevation.
    Flush top
  20. The concrete pier or foundation for a column.
  21. Resultant of distribution of stress over a prescribed area. A reaction that develops in a member as a result of load. Generic term signifying an axial load, bending a moment, torque or shear.
  22. An article formed by being hammered while hot. Often, a die is used for shaping the article.
  23. A plan showing the layout of the foundations that support a structure.
    Foundation plan
  24. The triangular portion of the end of a building between the opposite slopes of the roof.
  25. The transverse distance that locates the line(s) of fasteners in a rolled or built-up shape. The gage is measured from the back of an angle or channel but between the gage lines in a symmetrical shape such as a W, M, HP or S shape.
  26. The lines on which bolt holes are placed in a rolled or built-up shape.
    Gage lines
  27. Scouring of base metal under the head or nut of a high strength bolt assemble during installation
  28. The process of applying a coating of zinc to steel products where protection of the surface from corrosion is required.
  29. A self-propelled crane supported on two bents and traveling on two rails.
  30. The entity with full responsibility for construction of the structure according to project plans and specifications, on schedule and within budget or the contracting entity who contracts for the general trades portion of a project.
    General contractor
  31. Historically, a member, usually made with a web and flanges composed of plates, used to resist bending due to transverse loads as a beam. In modern usage, this term refers to a flexural member that supports other beams.
    Girder or Plate girder
  32. A horizontal member in the side or end of a building used to support side covering.
  33. A short rod with a V-shaped bend in the center, used to anchor the end of a wall-bearing beam.
    Government anchor
  34. A tier of closely spaced beams connected to each other to support a heavily loaded column. When more than one tier is required to support a column, additional tiers are laid across and connected to the tiers below.
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  35. The combined thickness of steel connected by a bolt or a pin.
  36. A weld made in a groove between adjacent ends, edges or surfaces of two parts to be joined. Grooves usually are prepared by flame cutting, arc-air gouging or edge planing.
    Groove weld
  37. The full area of cross section, in contrast to net area.
    Gross area
  38. A number of equal spaces dimensioned together as, for example, 4 at 6" = 2'-0
    Group spacing
  39. A fluid mixture of cement, water and sand, which can be poured to extablish a bearing surface under a column base plate, to fill small voids in concrete or smooth or level a surface of a wall or footing.
  40. A plate used for connecting a bracing or the members of a truss at a panel point.
    Gusset plate
  41. A hole made in a member for the insertion of a hand to install bolts which would be inassessible otherwise.
    Hand hole
  42. A steel tension member used to support a load.
  43. A gusset plate at the main support, of a roof truss.
    Heel plate
  44. ASTM A325 carbon steel bolts and ASTM A490 quenched and tempered alloy steel bolts.
    High-strength bolts
  45. The junction of the top chord of a truss with the inclined end post. Also, the intersection of two roofs where the drainage is away from the intersection, as distinguished from a valley.
  46. Rectangular, square and round hollow whapes manufactured by the electric-resistance welding and submerged-arc welding methods.
    Hollow structural sections [HSS]
  47. The curved or bent end of an anchor rod formed as such to improve the bond to the concrete.
  48. A rod with a hook at one end and threaded at the other, used to attach light rails to crane runway beams.
    Hook bolt
  49. The increased effect of live loads that are applied suddenly.
  50. A sheet which will accompany the design drawings containing all information for basis of the contract.
    Information sheet
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