xml schema

  1. ´╗┐How do you reference a schema file in your xml file and what is it's file name?
    In the parent tag you reference with xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="AddressBook.xsd">
  2. What tags are a schema file wrapped in?
  3. Identify a basic tag in a schema
    xs:element as in
  4. When a tag requires more than simple data what tag do you use? What tag is inside it to identify other tags?
    xs:complexType xs:sequence
  5. If an element occurs multiple times what do you place to set an upper and lower limit. What do you do if their is no upper limit?
    minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"
  6. Name the three data types for strings and the difference between the two?
    xs:string, which can contained anything, xs:normalizedString, which has returns and tabs replace by spaces, and xs:token which has the returns, tabs, and multiple spaces removed entirely.
  7. Specify a tab or a paragraph in xml what is the out character?
    \t \n
  8. How do you create an attribute?
    • Reference the file externally using a complexType and using the xs:attribute as in
  9. How do you require that an attribute be used?
  10. The collective values of a dataType expanded and each individual values
    a value space contains facets
  11. If you wanted to limit a result to a given set what would you use. Name the three tags and their attributes.
    • You refrence it the same way a complex datatype is referenced only it is a simple datatype. The restriction tag i treated as an expansion so it needs a base smple datatype to expand off of
  12. If you wanted to rstrict ot a certain range, such as a date what tag would you use and how would you use it and what tag would you use it in.
  13. If you wnted to restrict a string to a certain length what tag would you use?
  14. If you wanted to limit to a certain pattern or regular expression
  15. If you wanted to ad an attribute to a simple datatype wht would you have to use?
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