bible 7

  1. how many miracles of christ are recorded in the gospels
  2. what do we call evil angels
  3. why did christ perform miracles
    to help people; to teach them how to live for him; to prove he was God
  4. what did Jesus do to prove he had the power to forgive sins
    he healed a paralized man
  5. how many times do the gospels record specific instances of christ controlling nature
  6. how many people did Jesus raise from the dead
    at least 3
  7. what do Christ's miracles say about his power to help us today
    he can control and do anything; even death
  8. what three lessons did christ teach about faith through his miracles
    faith must grow from weakness to strength; faith is believing without seeing; faith is manifested by perservering confidence
  9. what were some of the effects of the demon's influence on the boy Jesus healed
    seizures, grinding teeth, foaming at the mouth
  10. what was the job of the man who came to christ to get help for his servant with paralyis
    he was a centurion
  11. why did the syro-phoencian woman come to Jesus
    because her daughter was possessed by a demon
  12. why did christ refuse to heal the womans daughter at first
    his primary responsibility was to help jewish people
  13. what was the diciples attitude toward the woman
    they did not want her to bother Jesus
  14. what are some synonyms of faith
    trust, belief, reliance
  15. what is the most important relationship a christian has
    with God
  16. what truth did the healing of malchus demonstrate
    we should avoid unnecessary conflicts
  17. who helps us when we give out the gospel
    the holy spirit
  18. why did the religious leaders object when christ healed the man with dropsy
    cause it was the sabbath
  19. what did christ do when he felt sorry for the the widow of nain
    raised her son from the dead
  20. how many lepers did Christ heal in luke 17:11-19; how many came back and thanked him
  21. why were the men huddled together outside the village
    there were social outcasts because of their leprosy
  22. what test did jesus give the lepers
    obedience. if they went to the priest, they would be healed
  23. what ethnicity was the one who turned back to thank Jesus
  24. were did christ deliver the demon-possessed man
    gadarenes; near decapolis
  25. how had the people in the area tried to restrain the man
    with chains
  26. what unusual things had the man done before Jesus delivered him
    lived in the tombs, cut himself with rocks
  27. how did the man respond to jesus when he came ashore
    ran to him and worshiped him
  28. what was the first request the demons made of christ
    not to torment them
  29. what was the name of the demons' name
  30. where did the demons go after they left the man
    herd of pigs
  31. how did the people respond to jesus' healing the man
    they were afraid
  32. what did jesus tell the delivered man to do
    to tell others what jesus did
  33. where did the deliverd man tell about what jesus
    the 10 towns
  34. how far from jerusalem was bethany
    2 miles
  35. were was jesus when he received the message from mary and martha
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