1. post triangle contains
    • brachial plexus
    • spinal accessory nerve
  2. mandibular nerve provides what sensation
    • taste ant 2/3
    • floor of mouth and gingiva
  3. branches of facial
    • zygomatic
    • buccal
    • temporal
    • marginal mandibular
    • cervical
  4. where can the facial nerve be found
    upper 1/2 of mastoid adn tympanomastoid fissure
  5. glossopharyngeal nerve provides motor fibers to
    stylopharyngeus and pharynx
  6. muscle of tongue not innervated by hypoglossal
  7. injury of what nerve causes Frey's
  8. branches of thyrocervical trunk
    • transverse cervical
    • inferior thyroid
    • ascending cervical
    • suprascapular
  9. trapezius flap is based upon what artery
    transverse cervical
  10. pec major flap based upon what aa
  11. what primary cancers can metastasize to a cervical LN
    • most common squamous
    • ENT
    • Lung
    • Esophagus
    • thyroid/parathyroid
    • melanoma
    • breast
    • gastric
  12. squamous cell ca in neck lymph node with unknown primary
    MRND and ipsilaterally tonsillectomy followed by bilateral XRT
  13. MC site of oral cavity ca
    lower lip
  14. division of ant and posterior oral cavity demarcated by
    • tonsilar pillars
    • junction between hard and soft palates
    • tongue papilla
  15. ant oral cavity ca goes where
    • submental and submandibular
    • except for tongue
  16. post oral cavity ca go where
    neck- levels II III-IV
  17. nasopharygeal SCCA is different from other oral cancers in that
    it is very responsive to xrt
  18. margins for oral cavity cancers
    1cm except 2cm for tongue
  19. treatment of stage I and II ant tumors
    • resection with supraomohyoid LND
    • tongue gets extended supraomohyoid LND
    • <3mm or alveolus, hard palate and lip do not get proph LND
  20. tx stage I and II post tumors
    xrt only
  21. tx nasopharyngeal CA
    stage I and II- chemo/xrt with xrt to neck nodes
  22. tx stage III ant and post oral ca
    • resection
    • LND
    • post op chemo XRT
  23. LND in stage III oral ca
    • N-0 ant just supraomohyoid
    • N-0 post anterolateral LND unless crosses midline or hypopharynx
    • N-1 MRND
  24. chemo for nasopharyngeal
    5-FU and cisplatin
  25. levels in anterolateral LND
    II, II, IV
  26. when resecting a lip cancer when is a flap needed
    when >1/3 of lip is resected
  27. tx of verrucous ulcer
    found on cheek, need to resect +/- flap but no LND
  28. mc tumor of nasopharynx in children
  29. tx of nasopharyngeal angiofibroma
    angio embolization followed by resection
  30. when does laryngeal ca need bilateral xrt of neck
    if it crosses midline
  31. tx stage III laryngeal Ca
    MRND with ipsilateral thyroid in addition to chemo-xrt
  32. ddx of malignant parotid tumor
    • mucoepidermoid
    • adenoid cystic
    • lympohma
    • melanoma
  33. benign tumors of parotid
    • pleomorphic adenoma
    • warthins
  34. parotid tumors metastasize where
  35. tx of malignant parotid tumor
    • total parotidectomy
    • proph MRND
    • post op XRT
    • if low grade mucoepidermoid just total parotid
  36. warthin tumors are also called
    papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum
  37. mc injured nerve with parotidectomy
    greater auricular
  38. tx of parotid tumor pushing tonsil and extending into pharygeal space
    median mandibulotomy
  39. mc salivary gland tumor in children
  40. mc site of glomus tumors
    tip of digits
  41. what pts can be observed with MRIs who have acoustic neuroma
    >70 and fairly asx
  42. branchial cleft cyst very often associated with facial nerve
  43. 3rd branchial cleft cyst emerges where
    pyriform sinus
  44. tx of ameloblastoma
  45. tx of sialoadnitis
    incise duct and remove stone
  46. tx of parapharyngeal absess
    drain through lateral neck with incision on ant border of scm
  47. mcc of ludwigs
    dental infection of mandibular teeth
  48. mc organism of ludwigs
  49. tx of cleft lip
    millard procedure at 10 weeks, 10 pounds, Hg of 10
  50. tx of cleft palate
    • temporarily place palatal obturator
    • repair at 12 months using Latham appliance
  51. MC organism in mastoiditis
    strep pneumo
  52. tx of mastoiditis
    • abxs
    • myringotomy or tympanostomy tube
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