FD Airbrakes

  1. compressor
    • motor mounted
    • runs off cam shaft (faster engine=faster compressor)
    • shuts off when at working pressure
    • danger if doesn't shut off
  2. Air dryer
    • removes 90% mosture and oil from system
    • moisture causes corrosion (increased wear) and freezing
    • May reduce the
  3. Wet Tank
    • Fist tank to fill when system is charging
    • Collects moisture and oil that dryer did not get
  4. Service Tanks
    Stores air needed for all opperations
  5. Air Tank Drains
    • Petcocks
    • Wet Tank need to be drained weekly
    • Service tanks less, but can be same
  6. Air Lines
    Deliver air from tanks to air opperated appliances

    Is separate from CAFS system
  7. Check Valves
    • Back flow preventers
    • In various places throughout
  8. Drum Brakes
    • Slack adjuster- only easy adjustment point
    • Automatic or Manual
    • Drum
    • Shoe
  9. Disk Brakes
    • Found on front wheels of most moder apparatus
    • 80% braking power is front brakes
    • Caliper
    • Rotor
    • Smaller pad to rotor contact reduces overheating
  10. Spring Brakes
    • Powerful spring held back by air pressure
    • AKA parking or Maxi brake
    • 40-50 PSI
    • Applied when pressure drops or parking brake applied.
    • Back wheels only
  11. Emergency Brake System Release
    • Applied once stopped to release the spring brake
    • Can only go 2 mph
    • Must hold pressure on button while traveling
  12. Front wheel lock
    • Mechanical lock for front brakes
    • Requires air pressure to work
  13. Jake Brake
    This and the right gear are the best defense against brake fade (heat)
  14. ABS
    • Allows for steering in a skid
    • Requires more distance to stop
    • Superior to standard brakes
    • Allows full control of vehicle
  15. Brake Assists
    • Jake Brake- uses air pressure in engine
    • Electromagnetic - no contact no overheating
    • Hydraulic Transmission Retarder -enclosed may overheat
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