Constitution Test

  1. Who was the main author of the Declaration of independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  2. When did the Decleration of Independence become law?
    July 4 1776
  3. Where was the declaration of independence witten?
  4. name 3 ualienable rights
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  5. if government becomes distructive, what can the people do?
    Alter or abolish it and institute a new one.
  6. what are the 27 complaints about the king known as?
    Statement of charges
  7. what is the name of the war betwen the u.s and england?
    American revolution
  8. preamble give 6 reasons to make the constitution
    • 1)cooperation among states, between states and national gov.
    • 2)system of gov based on fair laws that are equal
    • 3)give peace and order
    • 4)protect the nation against foreign enemies
    • 5)ensure well being of citizens
    • 6)guarantee freedom
  9. the main body of the constitution has how many articles?
  10. how many amendments are there presently?
  11. the first ten amendments are known as?
    the bill of rights
  12. in federal gov. the power is split up between what 3 groups?
    Legislative, Executive, and Judicial
  13. what is seperation of powers?
  14. what is checks and balance?
    allows each branch to check or limit each of the other branches
  15. Article 1 is also known as
    establishment of the legislative branch
  16. law making body is divided into 2 houses which are..
    House and Senate
  17. a member from the House has how many year terms?
    2 year terms
  18. 3 qualifications to be a member the the House are.
    u.s. citizen

    25 years old

    7 year resident
  19. how many representatives make up the house?
    435 representatives
  20. a state receives its total number of represenatives based on what?
  21. what is the title of the person who runs the House?
    Speaker of the House
  22. who elects the Leader of the House?
    Majority party
  23. Define impeachment
    a formal charge of wrong doing against the president or other public officials
  24. who has the power to impeach?
  25. how many members in Senate?
  26. term of office for U.s. Senator?
    6 year term
  27. how many senators are up for election every 2 years?
  28. 3 qualifications to be a u.s. senator
    1) u.s. citizen

    2) 30 years old

    3)must live in state
  29. Illinois senators are
    Dick Durbin and Mark kirk
  30. who is the presidng officer of the senate?
    VP Joe Biden
  31. Define quorum
    the minimum requirement of numbers for the House to conduct legal buisness.
  32. all revenue bills (money bills) must start in which house?
    the House
  33. define Veto
    Reject a bill.
  34. congress must have how much of the vote in each house in order to override a veto?
    2/3 vote from each house
  35. define pocket veto
    president keeps bill in his pocket and doesnt respond for it.
  36. define expressed powers
    congress has specific powers listed in section 8.
  37. which court does the us constitution list?
    Supreme court
  38. who has the soul power to declare war?
  39. the power to coin money belongs to who?
    Congress and House
  40. Article 2 created which branch of gov.?
    Executive branch
  41. whats the primary purpose of the Executive Branch?
    the power to carry out laws
  42. who has the title of the head of the Executive Branch?
    president of the U.S.
  43. according to amendment 22, the max amount of years a president can serve is?
    10 years
  44. qualifications for the executive branch are..?
    1) American born citizen

    2)35 years old
  45. who are the 3 runner ups if the president must leave office?
    1) Vice president

    2) Speaker of the House

    3) President pro term
  46. how many electoral votes does a president need to win an election?
  47. when is the presidential election held?
    the first tuesday in November every 4 years.
  48. when does the pres take office. which amendment says this?
    january 20th at 12:00 pm Amendment 23
  49. 7 major duties of the president are:
    chief executive

    head of state

    commander in chief

    chief diplomat

    chief legislator

    chief economist

    party chief
  50. article 3 created which branch of government?
    judicial Branch
  51. whats the judicial branches job?
  52. 3 federal courts aree
    supreme court

    appellate court

    circut court
  53. which court was established by the constitution
    supreme court
  54. how many justices are on the U.S. supreme court?
  55. How are the supreme court justices chosen?
    by the president
  56. what is the term of office for a federal judge?
    life, with good behavior
  57. qualifications for a federal judge

    none decisiveness




    freedom from bias commitment to equal justice
  58. how many people are in a petite jury?
  59. define grand jury?
    a type of jury that weighs evidence and determines wether trial is warranted or not
  60. three options the court of appeals has are..
    can reverse the lower courts decision-reject

    order a new trial

    reverse a trial
  61. what is meant by jurisdiction
    the right of a court to hear a case
  62. which court has original jurisdiction?
    district court
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