western civ.3

  1. successor of rome?
    western europe
  2. western europe's language that is lost?
  3. does western europe enter dark ages? y or n
  4. what is rome divided up into after failure? 2 parts.
    western and eastern
  5. what is the eastern half of rome called after failure?
    Byzantine Empire (Constinople)
  6. Who is the ruler of the eastern half of the roman empire after rome fails?
    Justinian about 500s
  7. Who is Justinian's wife?
  8. what goal does justinian pursue?
    He believes east and west should re-unite.
  9. What is the library of Rome's legal history called? latin sounding
    Corpus Juris Civilis
  10. what are these characteristics characteristic of? degenerate, subsistent level agriticulture, no education, tribal.
    western europes dark ages.
  11. who is responsible for all history of rome being saved?
  12. T or F Justinian's wife, theodora, was an exotic dancer.
  13. How is it possible for royalty,Justinian, to marry her?
    He tweaks law.
  14. T or F. Theodora is an advocate for women and children.
  15. Does Theodora pass laws to protect women and children? y or n.
  16. what is the rebellion against Justinian called?
    the nika revolt
  17. eastern language? changes from what to what?
    latin to greek
  18. Religion of West? religion and subdivision?
    Christianity, Roman Catholocism
  19. center of western religion?
  20. who is the head of Roman Catholocism, Christianity, in West Europe?
  21. What is the language of the church in western europe, though lost elsewhere?
  22. What does the word Pope and Patriarch connotate?
  23. religion in east? religion and subdivison?
    Christianity, Eastern Orthodox
  24. center of eastern religion?
  25. head of eastern orthodox religion?
  26. language of eastern orthodox christian religion of Constaninople?
  27. What are the paintings called that the Eastern Orthodox church does away with? What is the controversy called?
    Icons, and Iconoclastic controversy
  28. What are the paintings of, that the eastern orthodox church of christianity does away with?
    religiously famous people
  29. Why does Eastern Orthodox Christianity fear Icons?
    They are similar to idols.
  30. What religion tries to spread to europe?
  31. Islam comes from what navigational direction?
  32. What secure capital was a great buffer of Islam?
  33. prophet of Islam?
  34. Where does Muhammed live?
    In Mecca
  35. What religion does Muhammed's wife practice?
  36. What is Muslim scripture called?
  37. Name of Muhammed's god?
  38. T or F? Islam means rise up, lead.
  39. What does Islam mean?
    submission, surrender
  40. What city, already highly religious in pagan ways, finds Muhammmed difficult to believe?
  41. What is the name of Muhammeds flight, year 1?
  42. After Mecca, where was Muhammed driven?
  43. T or F. Law is above Islam religion.
    False, Religion and law are one.
  44. T or F. Muhammed returns to Mecca with army.
  45. What is Muhammed's struggle called?
  46. What city falls to muslim armies around 1453?
  47. What is the city of Constaninople now called, and in what country?
    Istanple, Turkey
  48. what is Instanple's religion or main religion?
  49. What are the 5 pillars of the Muslim religion?
    (hint> S.F.P.A.T> way to remember> Sarah Feels Positive About Test)
    • 1. statement of faith
    • 2. fasting during ramadan
    • 3. prayer to mecca (5x a day)
    • 4. alms to poor, charity
    • 5. trip to mecca, atleast once in life
  50. These are characteristics of what tribes? speak various german dialects, not latin; do not value or have actual culture or cultural history or literature or schools; are primitive; no goverment structure; have warlord leaders
    German tribes
  51. What was the most viable Germman tribe?
    The franks
  52. What leader brings out frank's potential?
  53. Who was 18 when he inherited leadership of the franks from dad? He is considered agressive and ambitious.
  54. From what family is clovis descended?
    Merovingian family
  55. What are two significant steps Clovis took?
    adopting christianity and the idea of being citizens not subjects (to obey)
  56. T of F? Christianity is beneficial to clovis.
  57. T or F? People are not unified under Clovis.
    False. People are unified under Clovis.
  58. What two families are associated with the German tribe, Franks?
    Merovingian and Carolingian
  59. T or F? The Merovingian family is associated with the start of the german uprise.
  60. What is the term for the right hand man or second in power of the Merovingian ruler?
    The Mayor of the Palace
  61. What is also the term for the military leader of the Merovingian Ruler?
    The Mayor of the Palace
  62. What family triumphs the Merovingian family?
    The Carolingian family
  63. What battle is the biggest challenge for Franks?
    The battle of gottalettae
  64. T or F? The muslims took Rome from Franks
    False. The muslims took control of Spain
  65. In what battle do the franks win and the muslims are defeated?
    Battle of tours
  66. T or F? muslims defeat Charles Martel of the Franks in the battle of Tours.
    False. The muslims are defeated.
  67. Why is the triumph of Charles Martel and the Franks in the Battle of Tours significant?
    This is the reason Christianity remains the beliefs of Europe. Otherwise, as with Iran and Iraq, the main religion of Europe would be muslim.
  68. Who becomes the head, first in rule of the Franks, after the Battle of Tours when he kicks Clovis to the side?
    Charles Martel
  69. What family is Charles Martel from?
    Carolingian family
  70. What title did Charles Martel have before ruler of the Franks?
    Mayor of the Palace
  71. What is Charles Martel's nickname?
    The Hammer
  72. T or F? Pepin the Short is Charles Martel's son.
  73. Who is the first Carolingian family member to gain the title King of Franks?
    Pepin the Short
  74. How did Pepin the Short gain the title King of Franks?
    through friendship with the Pope
  75. Why is the pope's blessing important to Pepin the Short?
    The pope is considered God's speaker on earth.
  76. What group attacks the Pope and for what reason?
    The lumbards, they are jealous of his riches
  77. Who defeats the lumbards for the Pope?
    Pepin the Short
  78. When Pepin's army takes the land the lumbards were attacking the pope for, who does Pepin pass rule of that land to?
    the pope
  79. T or F? Pope becomes king of land that was almost stolen from him by a group called the lumbards.
  80. What is the land called that the pope gains rule of?
    papal states
  81. By the 1800's, what is the small part of the land called that the Pope is still in control of?
    the vatican
  82. T or F? Charles Magne is Pepin the Short's son?
  83. What is Charles Magne's nickname?
    Charles the Great
  84. Who refers to himself as and is called The Holy Roman Emperor?
    Charles Magne
  85. Who presides over the largest empire Europe has seen since the glory of Rome?
    Charles Magne
  86. What Ruler are these Characteristics descriptive of? illiterate, german chieftan, christian, holy, but recognizes he is most significant ruler since those of rome, and takes on title of Holy Roman Emperor.
    Charles Magne
  87. T or F? Charles Magne(Charles the Great) resides over the Carolingian renaissance.
  88. Who is going to revive education and learning, start improving?
    Charles the Great (Charles Magne)
  89. What is the name of the palace school Charles Magne starts?
  90. Who is recruited to be the head of Aix-la-Chapelle?
    Alcuin of York
  91. T or F? Charles Magne does not try to become literate himself.
    False. He does.
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