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    • broker The broker who helped us lease our warehouse space was recommended by a former colleague. "(==) agent, dealer
    • (~~) brokerage" C. 經紀人, 仲介
    • budget The salespeople have started staying at budget hotels to further reduce travel expenses adj. 廉價的
    • budgetary adj. 預算的
    • bullish adj. 樂觀的, 看漲的
    • capital gain 資本利得
    • capitalize The Marketing team wants to capitalize on the success of the promotion by offering T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and other specialty items. (==) take advantage of, build on Vt. 利用
    • collateral The bank has requested additional collateral before they will approve our construction loan. U. 擔保品
    • commodity He has been a well-respected expert on the commodity markets for years. C. 商品
    • currency C. 貨幣
    • dealer He has a reputation as a ruthless dealer in diamonds from Africa. C. 交易商, 貿易商
    • debenture The company's bottom line is expected to improve when the debenture matures in August. C. 公司債劵
    • deflation For a number of years, Japan suffered from deflation as a result of its negative interest rates. "(><) inflation
    • (~~) deflate, deflationary" U. 通貨緊縮
    • depositor C. 存戶
    • depreciation The company van isn't worth very much after fout years of depreciation. U. 折舊
    • derivative Trading in derivative has dramatically increased in recent years as financial groups develop new ways of selling risk. C. 衍生性商品
    • dividend My first investments were made through dividend reinvestment plans. C. 股利
    • float Vt. 股票發行上市
    • flotation We're hoping to recover our initial investment with the stock market flotation of the business in December. C. 發行股票
    • goodwill Ultimately, every new company depends on the goodwill of its customers. U. 信譽
    • a going concern You'll need to show that the shop is a going concern by providing financial statements for the last three years. C. 繼續經營企業
    • account * Please account for all the expenses related to the company picnic and submit a report by Wednesday. "Vt. 說明, 解釋
  2. C. 帳戶"
    • accounting standards pl. 會計準則
    • accounts payable Our accounts payable are all overdue by more than sixty days. U. 應付帳款
    • accounts receivable We really need to follow up on all accounts receivable if we're going to make the payroll on Friday. U. 應收帳款
    • amortization Let's take a look at the amortization of this building loan to see what it's going to cost us. (~~) amortize U. 攤銷, 攤還
    • auction "* The start-up outfitted its offices with furniture and equipment picked up at government auctions.
  3. * The Board of Education recently consolidated several schools and will auction surplus equipment and property on eBay." "(==) sell
    • (><) bid for
    • (~~) auctioneer" "C. 拍賣
  4. Vt. 拍賣"
    audit "* The accountants from Cooper & Kelly will be here next week to audit our books.
  5. * The accounting firm of Merrill & Leach completed the yearly audits of the city government's books last week." "(==) check
    (~~) audited, auditor" "Vt. 審核
  6. C. 稽核"
    axe "* Several of my friends were axed last week when massive layoffs were announced at their plant.
  7. * The city government axed the budgets of local libraries in order to save money." "(==) fired, made redundant
    (><) hired
  8. (==) cut, reduce""C. 被解雇
  9. Vt. 削減"
    • bearishHe's been bearish on the U.S. stock market and economic outlook since last year.(><) bullishadj. 悲觀的
    • bidderThe building was sold to the highest bidder for 5.5 million dollars just last month."(==) seller
    • (~~) bid"C. 投標者, 出價者
    • bleed red inkph. 賠本赤字
    • bookkeepingU. 簿記
    • boom"* The city experienced a boom in the eighties but has struggled since the Japanese recession of the late nineties.
  10. *The economy began to boom in the seventies with the arrival of Japanese tourists." "(><) recession
  11. (==) grow
    (><) shrink" "C. 繁榮
  12. Vi. 迅速發展"
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