VFA Final Vocab

  1. acronym
    a word formed from the fisrt letter of each word in a series
  2. coinage
    a newly invented word or phrase
  3. colloquial
  4. metonymy
    a figurative word substitution
  5. spoonerism
    a phrase with comically switched word sounds
  6. apprehensive
    anxious or uneasy
  7. dubious
  8. precarious
    dangerous; unstable
  9. qualm
    a sense of uneasiness
  10. vacillate
    to swing indecisively between opinions or actions
  11. beguile
    to charm
  12. benevolent
    with kind intentions
  13. mores
    accepted standards of a group
  14. wily
    cunning; full of trickery
  15. aggrandize
    to make greater in power
  16. gratutitous
    unnecessary, unjustified
  17. mulitfarious
    diverse, having great variety
  18. satiate
    to fully satisfy an appetite
  19. brazen
    bold, rude or defiant
  20. flamboyant
    flashy; vivid
  21. intrepid
  22. strident
    loud, harsh, grading or shrill
  23. unabashed
    not embarrassed, composed
  24. depredation
    a raid
  25. deprivation
    a lack of necessary items
  26. precede
    to come before
  27. proceed
    to go forward or onward
  28. didactic
    intended to teach
  29. edify
    to instruct in order to improve
  30. elucidate
    to make clear
  31. erudite
    possessing great knowledge and scholarship
  32. esoteric
    understood only be an elite group
  33. imbue
    to inspire or influence thoroughly
  34. pedagogy
    the art of teaching
  35. pedantic
    overly concerned with book learning or formal rules
  36. aegis
  37. extricate
    to free from entanglement
  38. importune
    to annoy with repeated requests
  39. mitigate
    to make less severe
  40. patronize
    to treat as inferior
  41. depreciate
    to decrease in value
  42. equity
    net value, fairness
  43. indigent
    impoverished, extremely poor
  44. munificent
  45. pecuniary
    having to do with money
  46. debunk
    to expose or make fun of a false claim
  47. vilify
    to slander
  48. acrimonious
    bitter or sharp in language or tone
  49. innuendo
    an indirect or subtle expression of something
  50. harass
    to irritate constantly
  51. chastise
    to punish
  52. impugn
    to attack or challenge as false
  53. facetious
    playfully joking
  54. whimsical
  55. banter
    to convers in a playful or teasing way
  56. caricature
    a comic exaggeration
  57. flippant
    rudely witty
  58. hilarity
    great merriment
  59. commensurate
    corresponding in size or degree
  60. antithesis
    the direct or exact opposite
  61. nuance
    a slight degree of difference
  62. disparity
  63. despot
    a ruler with absolute power
  64. hegemony
    dominance of one group over another
  65. oligarchy
    a state governed by a small group of people
  66. sovereign
    self-governed, independent
  67. usurp
    to take the place of or occupy without right
  68. diligence
    attentive care, carefulness
  69. fastidious
    picky; difficult to please
  70. judicious
    having or exhibiting good, sound judgement
  71. meticulous
    extremely careful and precise
  72. minutia
    a small, minor, or trivial detail
  73. trepidation
    anxiety; a state of alarm, dread or fear
  74. culpable
    deserving of punishment for being wrong, evil or harmful
  75. exonerate
    to free from blame
  76. incorrigible
    difficult or impossible to control
  77. malfeasance
    wrong doing or misconduct
  78. unscrupulous
    lacking moral restraint
  79. condescend
    to treat others as inferior
  80. supercilious
    proudly scornful
  81. sycophant
    a person attempting to win favor through flattery
  82. latent
    present but hidden
  83. salient
    prominent or significant
  84. sequester
    to isolate someone
  85. surreptitous
    obtained, done or made in secret
  86. adroit
    skillful and quick
  87. acliche
    an overused expression
  88. gauche
    tactless; awkward
  89. naive
    overly trusting; innocent
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