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    • What is confined space?
    • Only 1 way in 1 way out.
  1. Before you enter a manhole, what should you do first?
    Test air.
  2. Define rule 4000
    Immediately report any injury to your supervisor.
  3. What should you consider all overhead wires, and why?
    Energized dangerous to life / not grounded
  4. What must be done before working on a lighting arrestor?
    Discharge static.
  5. Explain traction return
    Combination of rails jumpers and cables.
  6. Who is in charge of the power system within assigned territory?
    Power director.
  7. Who monitors and regulates power demands?
    Load dispatcher.
  8. What is a phase break?
    A point where 2 power sources are separated .
  9. What forms do you need for a clearance? List them with proper identification.
    Clearance 260, switching 182, do not operate red tag 105.
  10. What is a section break?
    A point where 2 circuits are separated .
  11. What is a sectionalizing switch?
    Separates a section of catenary.
  12. How are the pantographs connected on electrical equipment, and what is the voltage?
    Bus jumper/ 12kv
  13. When do you remove or direct the removal of grounds?
    When work is complete and everyone is clear and all signatures are obtained.
  14. What is the switching order on a trolley breaker?
    Check open VCB then open the B&F.
  15. Where do you place your grounds after receiving switching a trolley breaker clearance?
    On the B&F pipe on the breaker aide of the switch.
  16. What must you do first after receiving switching orders from the power director?
    Write them down and repeat them back to the PD
  17. What are switching orders for Amtraks 4500kva transformers?
    Check open the L, open the H, open the LB disconnect and remove DC from the highside.
  18. What do you use to connect an electrical wire or apparatus to earth potential?
    A ground
  19. What should you do before working on a de-energized and grounded trolley breaker?
    Remove DC and discharge springs.
  20. Above what voltage do you use a voltage sensing device?
    175 volts
  21. How do you test your voltage sensing device?
    Test live, dead then live.
  22. How often do you test your high voltage gloves?
    Every 90 days.
  23. What is the total opposition to current flow in an AC circuit? DC circuit?
    Impedance /resistance
  24. What is the frequency of a sine wave?
    1 cycle per second
  25. What kind of transformer has more turns on the secondary then the primary?
    Step up
  26. What polarity are amtraks 4500kva transformers?
  27. What is turns ratio, and what is the ratio of our 4500 kva transformers?
    Number of turns on primary to number of turns on secondary / 11.5 to 1
  28. What do you use to test the di-electric strength of a wire or a device?
    A mega.
  29. Follow up question, what type of voltage does a mega generate?
  30. What is specific gravity?
    Balance between water and electrolyte in a battery.
  31. How many cells make a complete battery?
  32. What is the symbol for a battery?
    • ---
    • -
    • ---
  33. How are ampere hours of a battery determined?
    By the distance between the 2 plates . ( plate area)
  34. What is the liquid called in a cell ( battery)?
  35. What print do you refer to when locating control cable # for a trolley breaker?
    Main wiring diagram.
  36. How many cables ate needed for a trolley breaker? list them and what are they?
    4 wires, Ac, Dc power, control, and ct
  37. Describe the CA relay and what does it trip?
    Detects internal fault, it trips both the low and the highside .
  38. Describe the CR relay, and what does it trip?
    Reverse current relay, it trips the low side.
  39. Describe the CO balance relay, and what does it trip?
    Line to ground trips the low side.
  40. What is a relay that works in conjunction with another relay?
  41. The AV relay works in conjunction with what relay?
  42. What type of relay prevents re-closure of a device?
    Lock-out relay
  43. What must be done after a CA tripping on a 4500kva transformer?
    Dolbe test
  44. What would you expect to see open after a CA tripping?
    Lowside and the highside
  45. What is the purpose of the oil in an oil circuit breaker?
    Disapate arc
  46. What is the wire designation doe a 100hz transformer?
  47. What are the hot legs for current transformer secondary?
    F FF / S SS
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