Warder pali chapter 03, 1 verbs

  1. Katheti
    He relates, tells
  2. Kaameti
    He loves
  3. Cha.d.deti
    He throws away, abandons
  4. Pa~n~naapeti
    He prepares, declares, (regulates), nnyap with ppa
  5. Dhaareti
    He holds, wears, has, accepts (with 2 patients), remembers
  6. Manteti
    He takes council, discusses
  7. Aamanteti
    He addresses
  8. Va~nceti
    He deceives
  9. Abhivaadeti
    He salutes, greets, takes leave
  10. Vad
    To speak
  11. Abhi
    Towards, about
  12. Nivaaseti
    He dresses
  13. Vas
    To dress
  14. Vid
    To feel
  15. Ppati
    Towards, back
  16. Pa.tisa.mvedeti
    He feels, experiences (something to be something)
  17. Veth
    To twist, wrap
  18. Nibbe.theti
    He untwists, unravels, explains, rebuts
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Warder pali chapter 03, 1 verbs
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