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  1. What are the biggest muscles called?
  2. What are the smallest muscles called?
  3. What are long muscles called?
  4. What are wide muscles called?
  5. What are short muscles called?
  6. What are muscles in the quadriceps called?
  7. Where is the sternocleidomastoid located?
    sternum and clavicle to the mastoid process
  8. What muscle is located on the anterior part of the tibia?
    tibialis anterior
  9. What is the muscle running straight down in the middle abdominal area?
    rectus abdominis
  10. What is the muscle around the eye?
    orbicularis oculi
  11. What is the muscle around the mouth?
    orbicularis oris
  12. Where is the temporalis located?
    ontop of the temporal bone
  13. What do deltoid muscles look like?
    upside down triangle
  14. What muscles are trapezoid shaped?
  15. What do serratus anterior muscles look like?
    serrated knife
  16. What do orbicularis oculi look like?
    round muscle
  17. What do gracilis muscles look like?
    long straight muscles on inside of thigh
  18. What 2 muscles move the shoulder?
    • trapezius
    • serratus anterior
  19. What does the trapezius move?
    • posterior
    • raises clavicle
    • adducts scapula
    • raises/lowers scapula
    • extends head
  20. What muscle rotates the scapula laterally and lifts ribs?
    serratus anterior
  21. What 3 muscles move the upper arm?
    • pectoralis major
    • latissimus dorsi
    • deltoid
  22. What muscle covers the chest, flexes, adducts, and rotates arms medially?
    pectoralis major
  23. What does the latissimus dorsi move?
    • lg broad muscle of the back
    • extends
    • adducts
    • rotates arm medially
    • draws arm down and back
  24. What muscle abducts, flexes, and extends the arm?
  25. What 4 muscles move the lower arm?
    • biceps brachii
    • brachialis
    • brachioradialis
    • triceps brachii
  26. What muscle flexes and supinates the forearm?
    biceps brachii
  27. What 2 muscles flex the forearm?
    • brachialis
    • brachioradialis
  28. What muscle extends the forearm?
    triceps brachii
  29. What 2 muscles move the hand?
    • palmaris longus
    • extensor carpi radialis longus
  30. What muscle flexes the wrist?
    palmaris longus
  31. What muscle extends and abducts the wrist?
    extensor carpi radialis longus
  32. What 4 muscles move the abdominal wall?
    • external oblique
    • internal oblique
    • transversus abdominis
    • rectus abdominis
  33. What do the internal and external obliques move?
    • contraction of both sides compresses abdomen
    • compression of one side = bends vert. column laterally
  34. What muscle compresses the abdomen?
    transversus abdominis
  35. What does the rectus abdominis move?
    • compresses abdomen
    • aids in childbirth
    • forced expiration
    • defecation and urination
    • flexes vert. column
  36. What 7 muscles move the thigh?
    • rectus femoris
    • gluteus maximus
    • gluteus medius
    • gluteus minimus
    • tensor fasciae latae
    • adductor group (magnus, longus, brevis)
    • gracilis
  37. Which thigh muscle is the prime mover and flexes the thigh?
    rectus femoris
  38. Which muscle extends and rotates the thigh laterally?
    gluteus maximus
  39. What 2 muscles abducts and rotates the thigh medially?
    • gluteus medius
    • gluteus minimus
  40. What is the main abductor and flexes the thigh?
    tensor fasciae latae
  41. What does the adductor group (magnus, longus, brevis) move?
    • medial side of thigh
    • adducts, flexes thigh
  42. What does the gracilis muscle move?
    adducts thigh
  43. What 6 muscles move the lower leg?
    • rectus femoris
    • vastus lateralis
    • vastus medialis
    • vastus intermedius
    • sartorius
    • hamstring group (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus)
  44. What are the 4 quadricep muscles that extend the leg at the knee?
    • rectus femoris
    • vastus lateralis
    • vastus medialis
    • vastus intermedius
  45. What muscle allows you to sit cross legged, flexes leg and thigh and rotates it laterally?
  46. What does the hamstring group move?
    • posterior
    • flexes leg
    • extends thigh
  47. What 3 muscles are in the hamstring group?
    • biceps femoris
    • semitendinosus
    • semimembranosus
  48. What 3 muscles move the foot?
    • tibialis anterior
    • gastrocnemius
    • soleus
  49. What muscle dorsiflexes and inverts the foot?
    tibialis anterior
  50. What does the gastrocnemius move?
    • plantar flexes foot
    • flexes knee
  51. What does the soleus move?
    • plantar flexes foot
    • "tip toes"
  52. What muscle moves the head?
  53. What does the sternocleidomastoid move?
    • prime flexor
    • both muscles=flex cervical part of vert. column; draws head forward
    • one muscle=rotates head toward opposite side of contracted muscle
  54. What 2 muscles move the trunk?
    • sacrospinalis
    • iliopsoas
  55. What is the largest muscle mass of the back, extends the head, cervical region, thoracic region, supports vert., and maintains posture?
  56. What muscle flexes the vertebral column?
  57. What 3 muscles move the chest wall?
    • external intercostals
    • internal intercostals
    • diaphragm
  58. What do the external intercostals move?
    • between ribs
    • lifts ribs during inspiration to increase space in thorax
  59. What do the internal intercostals move?
    draws ribs together to decrease space in thoracic cavity during expiration
  60. What is the floor of the thoracic cavity, pulls central tendon down to increase vertical length of thorax during inspiration?
  61. What muscle moves the pelvic floor?
    levator ani
  62. What does the levator ani move?
    • pelvic floor
    • supports pelvic structures
    • contains opening for anal canal, urethra, and vagina
  63. What 3 muscles move facial expressions and mastication?
    • orbicularis oculi
    • orbicularis oris
    • masseter
  64. What muscle closes the eye?
    orbicularis oculi
  65. What muscle closes the mouth, lips, and shpes lips during speech?
    orbicularis oris
  66. What muscle is for chewing, lifts mandible as in closing mouth, and provides side to side movement of mandible?
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