AP World Final

  1. Neolithic
    last half of the stone age; development of agriculture
  2. Civilization
    when they settled down in one area
  3. Band
    a level of organization consisting of 20-30 people who are herders
  4. cuneiform
    system of writing with wedge shapes; with this you could organize more elaborate political systems
  5. Pastoralism
    raising livestock;animal husbandry
  6. Catal Huyuk
    located in turkey; advanced civilization
  7. Indus
    river valley civilization; harappa and mohenjo daro
  8. Qin
    after the Zhou dynasty all of china
  9. Shi Huangdi
    Emperor of qin; brutal and mobilized the people of china
  10. Han dynasty
    dynasty after qin where every thing improved like a golden age
  11. Mandate of Heaven
    you have the right or mandate to rule
  12. dynastic cycle
    cycle of dynasties due to the mandate
  13. Legalism
    based upon laws; rewards and punishments
  14. confucius
    founder of confucianism
  15. Daoism
    laozi founder; based upon nature; good and evil must pick
  16. Scholar-gentry
    higher class people who studied confucianism
  17. Aryans
    nomadic war-like people; wrote the vedas which hinduism is based on
  18. Maurya Dynasty
    founded by chandragupta mayura; statred as hindu ans converted by Ashoka to buddhism with religious freedom
  19. Ashoka
    once very cruel leader of Mayura dynasty until he converted to buddhism; had tolerance
  20. Gupta
    golden age of india; loosley ruled as long as taxes are paid
  21. Caste system
    system of social inequality by the aryans (hindu)
  22. Reincarnation
    Hinduist; souls dont die they are born into another form
  23. Minoans
    located in crete, greece; advanced culture and sea trade; greater gender equality
  24. Myceneans
    indo europeans that migrated from central asia; when dorians attacked they fled to turkey causing the loss of written kanguage for 300 years
  25. Mecca
    birth place of Muhammad
  26. Medina
    muhammad was exiled here; hijra
  27. Jerusalem
    first crusade was here in 1099; muhammad ascended to heaven here
  28. Damascus
    capital of ummayad caliphate
  29. Bagdad
    capital of abbasid caliphate
  30. Malacca
    key trade port; way islam spreads
  31. Mogadishu
    influenced because of east coast trade
  32. Quaraysh
    tribe of bedouins; muhammad is a descendant of this tribe
  33. Ka'Ba
    big box shrine in mecca; pray towards this on hajj
  34. Rashidun
    Guided ones; Ali is the last (4)
  35. 5 pillars of islam
    profession of faith, alms giving, pray five times a day, ramadan, pilgramage
  36. Sects of islam
    sunni 83, shia 16, sufi 1
  37. ummayad caliphate
    focused on expansion; isolated (shadows of god);discriminated malawis
  38. people of the book
    Dhimmi; jew and christians
  39. mawali
    non arab muslims; discriminated in ummayad but accepted in abbasid which is their reason for long rule
  40. Abbasid collapse
    formation of regional dynasties and dimminishing power
  41. crusades
    military expeditions lead by christians to capture back holy land from muslims
  42. saladin
    muslim leader who reconquered all land from christians
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