La Corrida

  1. aficionado
    fan, lover of the sport
  2. banderillas
    3' darts placed in bull
  3. banderillero
    acrobatic person who places the banderillas. There are three in a bullfight.
  4. capote
    yellow and pink cape used for playing the bull
  5. cuadrilla
    bullfighter's team
  6. estoque
    the sword used for the kill (estocada)
  7. matador
    the bullfighter
  8. muleta
    the cap worn by the matador
  9. peón
    bullfighter's assistants
  10. pica
    the 8' lance used to stab the bull's neck
  11. picador
    the lancer on horseback
  12. plaza de toros
    the bull ring
  13. oreja
    bull's ear, often given as prize
  14. sorteo
    lottery, sorting of the bulls
  15. tercio
    act or portion of fight
  16. toril
    gate or pen for bulls
  17. traje de luces
    suit of lytes worn by matador
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