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  1. In snapdragons, red multiply white rightarrow pink. This pattern of inheritance is explained by
    incomplete dominance.
  2. Which of the following is TRUE about gene expression?
    Different tissues within an organism express different genes.
  3. During anaphase of meiosis I, what segregates?
    homologous chromosomes
  4. During which stage of mitosis do sister chromatids move away from each other?
  5. The failure of chromosomes to segregate properly during meiosis is called
  6. Nuclear membrane reappears
  7. Colorblindness is more common in men than in women because
    Men only have one x chromosome
  8. Which does NOT happen during meiosis?
    production of diploid cells
  9. Chromosomes move to the equator
  10. Asexual reproduction produces genetically identical individuals because
    no meiosis or fertilization takes place
  11. The sequence of nitrogen-containing bases on one strand of DNA most directly determines the sequence of
    amino acids in a protein molecule
  12. The number of nucleotides in a codon is
  13. Although the law of independent assortment is generally applicable, when two loci are on the same chromosome the phenotypes of the progeny(offspring) sometimes do not fit the phenotypes predicted. This is due to
  14. Codominance occurs when
    both of the alleles in a heterozygote are expressed phenotypically in an individual.
  15. How can a gene be mutated with no resulting change in the protein that is produced from that gene?
    A codon has changed, but it codes for he same amino acid as the original codon.
  16. The state of having more than two sets of chromosomes is called
  17. The longest period of a cell's life cycle is
  18. What kind of mutation occurs when one base is changed to another at a single location in the DNA?
  19. In plant cells, cytokinesis is accomplished by the formation of
    a cell plate
  20. If the sequence of bases in a section of DNA is TAGGCTAA, what is the corresponding sequence of bases in mRNA?
  21. How can a single gene code for more than one protein?
    The exons within a mRNA can be spliced together in different ways.
  22. If, in a heterozygous individual, only one allele is expressed in the phenotype, that allele is
  23. An individual having 2 identical alleles at a particular locus
  24. The site of protein synthesis is the
  25. A mutation that results in a change in the codon reading pattern could result from
    either an insertion or a deletion of a base.
  26. Reciprocal exchange of genetic material between similar chromosomes is called
  27. The physical manifestation of an organism's genes is its
  28. The process of converting the "message" of mRNA into a sequence of amino acids is called
  29. The microtubules of the mitotic spindle attach to a specialized structure in the centromere region of each chromosome, called the
  30. If we cross two pea plants each heterozygous for yellow seed color genes, the expected ratio of yellow : green among the offspring will be
    75% yellow, 25 % green
  31. The two cells at the end of meiosis I
    are haploid
  32. Transcription is the process of
    synthesizing an RNA molecule using a DNA template.
  33. When a fragment breaks from a chromosome and rejoins it, in a flipped orientation, the result is called a(n)
    an inversion
  34. The main function of meiosis II is
    separate sister chromatids during anaphase
  35. During the "S" portion of interphase, what is the cell doing?
    synthesizing DNA
  36. The molecules that make up a chromosome are
    proteins and DNA
  37. For a mutation to affect evolution, it must occur in
  38. Gene expression is
    the flow of genetic information from genes to proteins.
  39. When the expression of a trait is influenced by the action of many genes, the pattern of inheritance is called
    polygenic inheritance
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