ch initial sentences

  1. A chipmunk ran under the bush.
  2. Charles is home from the store.
  3. It's chilly enough for a coat.
  4. She has dimples on her cheeks.
  5. I wrote a check for the dress.
  6. The bells chime at 7 o'clock.
  7. Bread is cheaper than milk.
  8. The Easter chick ate the grain.
  9. Try to cheer up the lonely man.
  10. The cheesecake had a nice flavor.
  11. Put a cherry on top of the cake.
  12. Change the flat tire on the car.
  13. The children are outside playing.
  14. Linda drank a chocolate milkshake.
  15. The chimney was full of black soot.
  16. The charm on your bracelet is pretty!
  17. We will grill steaks over charcoal.
  18. I have chosen two people to be leaders.
  19. I would like to chat with your mother.
  20. The chairman of the company held a meeting.
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