Social Studies Chapter 14

  1. What is a Bull Market?
    Rapidly rising market index
  2. What is a Bear Market?
    Rapidly falling market index
  3. What is buying on margin?
    Borrowing money to buy stocks
  4. What is speculation?
    Putting your money in a risky stock
  5. What was the stock market crash on October 29, 1929 called?
    Black Tuesday
  6. Who was the Secratary of Treasury who thought this was a good thing?
    Andrew Mellon
  7. What is GNP?
    Gross national product
  8. How much did the GNP fall by?
  9. What is expansion?
    A period of economic growth
  10. What is contraction?
    A perion of negative economic growth
  11. What is contractions of 3 straight quaters at a time?
    A recession
  12. What is a sever recession that lasts a long period of time?
    A depression
  13. What did Hoover blame for our troubles?
    World economic troubles
  14. What raised the tax on imports into America, caused countries to not sell to America, and worsened the depression?
    The Smoot-Hawley Tariff
  15. What was the unemployment rate in 1932?
  16. What were Hoovervilles?
    Shacks built on the outskirts of cities made from whatever they had
  17. What did they sometimes use as blankets in Hoovervilles?
  18. What was the RFC?
    A corporation that loaned money to buisnesses and banks to keep them in operation
  19. What is public works?
    Spent money on hospitals, roads, school projects
  20. What was the Federal Home Loan Bank Act?
    Provided money to banks, financial institutions, & insurance companies
  21. What was the bonus army?
    WWI veterans who marched in DC because they wanted their checks earlier
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Social Studies Chapter 14
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