ch initial sentence

  1. Who wants to play checkers?
  2. It's time for a checkup.
  3. Your cheeks are red.
  4. Chicks say, "cheep, cheep."
  5. The crowd cheered loudly.
  6. Dad made cherry pie.
  7. She is good at chess.
  8. Chet collects chestnuts.
  9. Chickens live on a farm.
  10. Our child is sleeping.
  11. Is it chilly today?
  12. She speaks Chinese.
  13. I like chocolate chips.
  14. What choice will you make?
  15. A chihauhau is a dog.
  16. The pork chops are cooking.
  17. My chores are done.
  18. She chose this ring.
  19. Chuck is my chum.
  20. Churn the butter slowly.
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