physical fitness and activity room

  1. aerobic capacity
    the ability of the heart and lung to supply oxygen to working muscles for an extended period of time
  2. requires a strong heart, healthy lungs, and blood vessels that work together to adjust and to recover from the effects of moderate to vigorous exercise
    aerobic capacity
  3. body composition
    the makeup of total body mass; the proportion of fat mass in comparison with lean body mass
  4. flexibility
    the ability of a joint or group of joints to move freely through their normal and full range of motion
  5. muscular endurance
    the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to exert effort for an extended period of time
  6. muscular strength
    the maximum that a muscle or muscle group is capable of exerting against a resistance
  7. agility
    the ability to rapidly change the position of the body with speed and control
  8. balance
    the ability to maintain an upright position while stationary or moving
  9. coordination
    the ability to use the senses together with the body parts to perform motor tasks smoothly and accurately
  10. power
    the ability to perform movement with strength at a rapid pace
  11. reaction time
    the ability to respond quickly to a stimulus
  12. speed
    the ability to perform a movement or to cover a distance in a short period of time
  13. 3 rock wall rules
    • 1. three points of contact
    • 2. feet below the red line to dismount
    • 3. land facing wall
  14. 3 tips for rock wall
    • 1. keep hips/stomach close to wall
    • 2. toes out
    • 3. use legs
  15. 7 double dutch tips
    • 1. walk in (NOT jump in)
    • 2. count the rope closest to you
    • 3. jump out to the left of an odd number
    • 4. jump out to the right of an even number
    • 5. thumb to nose when turning (don't cross midline of body)
    • 6. even beats of ropes hitting floor
    • 7. arms are in opposition (one up, one down)
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physical fitness and activity room
physical fitness and activity room