sh final sentence

  1. Sue is holding the hairbrush.
  2. That is a harsh penalty.
  3. We ate eggs and hash.
  4. Kelly is Irish.
  5. She served a lavish meal.
  6. Each dog wore a leash.
  7. Frogs live in the marsh.
  8. Dad will mash the potatoes.
  9. Nash trimmed his mustache.
  10. This is a plush carpet.
  11. Can you polish the silver?
  12. Her parents are Polish.
  13. Publish the news tomorrow.
  14. A radish grows underground.
  15. Your rash is getting better.
  16. Are you in a rush?
  17. The diver made a spash.
  18. Squash is a vegetable.
  19. Try to be unselfish.
  20. Please pass the relish.
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sh final sentence
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