sh initial sentences

  1. Dad built a tool shed.
  2. How many shells did you find?
  3. Shelly raises sheep.
  4. These sheets are clean.
  5. I will shellac the shelf.
  6. Shelly bumped her shin.
  7. Sherman was elected sheriff.
  8. Where is Sherry's shirt?
  9. I'll see you at the shindig!
  10. Those roof shingles are grey.
  11. The ship is in the harbor.
  12. That's a shocking story!
  13. Your shoes are shiny.
  14. Shirley shook her head.
  15. The gift shop is open.
  16. We ate shortcake for dessert.
  17. Mom is shoveling snow.
  18. Would you like some sugar?
  19. Please shut the door.
  20. I am very shy.
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sh initial sentences
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