December 19th

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  1. soon
    Soon it will be Christmas day!
  2. made
    I made my mom a Christmas present.
  3. run
    I like to run in the snow.
  4. gave
    Santa gave me a barbie for Christmas.
  5. open
    Soon I will open all my presents.
  6. has
    My brother has hair.
  7. find
    Help! I can't find my backpack.
  8. only
    I only want Justin Beiber music for Christmas!
  9. us
    Look at us! We are learning to read!
  10. three
    Show me three fingers.
  11. our
    Our time together is fun!
  12. better
    You are doing better on your spelling tests!
  13. hold
    I hold my teddy bear tight at bed time.
  14. buy
    I want to buy a Justin Beiber cd.
  15. funny
    Mrs. Hall is funny!
  16. warm
    Hot chocolate makes me warm.
  17. ate
    Santa ate my cookies last year.
  18. full
    Give Santa a full glass of milk.
  19. those
    Look at all those reindeer!
  20. done
    After Friday, school will be done for two weeks.
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