Psych Test 2

  1. Cluster A Personality Disorders
    *Paranoid Personality D/O

    *Schizoid Personality D/O

    *Schizotypal Personality D/O

    (These individuals are thought of as "Odd" people)
  2. Paronoid Personality D/O
    • Common Characteristics:
    • *Display a pattern of distrust & suspiciousness
    • * They think people have hidden motives
    • *Feel they maybe exploited by others
    • *Inability to work with others
    • *Poor self image
    • *Hostility
    • *Social Isolation
    • **Hypervigelant-always have a guard up, emotionally sensitive, always feel threatened
  3. Causes of Paranoid Personality D/O
    *Familial/Genetic Factors

    *Learned Behavior (Traced with childhood experiences, anger, rage, sexual/physical abuse)

    *Serotonin Deficiency Theory
  4. Treatment of Paranoid Personality Disorder
    *Psychotherapy-Cog. Behavioral Therapy (change behavior)

    *Pyschopharmacologic Therapy-Treat Symptoms not DO, (comorbities like depression, anxiety, etc)
  5. Schizoid Personality DO
    • Common Characteristics:
    • *Social Detachment of solitude
    • *Prefer to be alone
    • *Indifferent to critism or approval
    • *Little or no intrest in sexual activity
    • *Have difficult time expressing anger
    • *Poor social skills
    • *Ill defined life goals
    • *Lack of pleasure in activities

    • ***Key word: SOLITUDE, classic loner, prefer to be alone, dont show emotion
    • ***They show negative symptoms of schizophrenia-blunting affect, inability to enjoy pleasurable activities
  6. Causes and Treatment of Schizoid Personality DO
    • Causes:
    • *Familial and Genetic Factors (Schizophrenia FHX)
    • *Lack of Nurturing

    • Tx:
    • *Psychotherapy- CBT (increasing coping skills, social interaction, self esteem
    • *Psychpharm-Treat Symptoms (anxiety, depression-SSRIs, typically not TCAs d/t risk for suicide)
  7. Schizotypal Personality DO
    • Characteristics:
    • *Social/Interpersonal deficits
    • *Magical Thinkers/Odd Believers
    • *Ideas of reference (thinking msgs are directed at them)
    • *Illusions, ie, snakes in stomach
    • *Derealization
    • *Suspiciousness or Paronoid Ideation, ie, mocking bird
    • *Lack of close friends
    • *Excessive Social Isolation
    • ***Failure to Launch
    • ***Maladaptive coping mechanism-reflecting, ie, inatimate object is grandmother reincarnated
    • *
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