AP.E. Q's Ch 1

  1. Exponential growth is also known as a...?
  2. Between 1950 and 2004, the world's population increased from _____ to ______. By the end of the century it could be somewhere between ____ to ____ _________...
    From 2.5 billion to 6.4 billion.... between 8 to 12 billion
  3. What is a sustainable society?
    A society that meets the needs of it's people for basic necessities without depleting or degrading earth's resources.
  4. What sustains us?
    Energy from the sun, solar (radiant) energy sustains all life on earth either directly or indirectly. It provides energy for plants, powers the cycling of water, warms the surfaces causing wind patterns.....
  5. Where does most pollution from human activities occur around?
    Urban or agricultural centers.
  6. Pollutants come from what two types of sources?
    Point and nonpoint sources.
  7. When was the first earth day?
    April 22, 1970
  8. In _______ the First Earth Summit East and West were divided by the Cold War.
  9. Also known as __________, the first worldwide meeting of the heads of state took place at the _____ in _____.
    UNCED, Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
  10. In _____ representatives from ____ countries met at _______ for the Kyoto Conference on climate change.
    1997, 125 countries, Kyoto Japan
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