World History: Chapter 13

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  1. Where did the Renaissance begin?
  2. How did Johann Gutenberg help spread ideas dduring the Renaissance?
    He invented the printing press.
  3. What ruling family in Florence, Italy heavily supported or patronized the arts?
  4. List the mahor works of the following artist: Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
    • Leonardo: The Mona Lisa; The Last Supper
    • Michelangelo: David; Pieta.
  5. Martin Luther criticized the Church's sale of...
  6. The age of great change marked by a renewed interest in classical learning and the arts is called...
    The Renaissance
  7. Why did Henry VIII form the Church of England?
    Henry wanted a divorce, but the pope would not give him one because he didn't want to offend the Holy Roman Emperor.
  8. Why was Galileo put on tryal and threatened with execution?
    His findings contradicted the church's beliefs. (Heresy)
  9. Define hypthesis?
    Possible explanation
  10. Who developed calculus and the laws of gravitaion?
    Isaac Newton
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