World History: Chapter 3

  1. Describe Doaism.
    • Founded by Laozi
    • Laozi wrote "The Way of Virtue"
    • Harmony with Nature
    • Promoted the focusing of Dao instead of everyday cares
  2. Describe "The Mandate of Heaven".
    • Promoted by Zhou
    • Divine right to rule
    • Passed by Gods
    • Explains the Dynastic Cycle
    • Gods would "withdraw support" when they were unhappy with a ruler.
  3. Which early river valley civilization had carefully planned cities.
  4. What was the ultimate goal of existence according to Hindus?
    To achieve Moksha
  5. Along what river did civilization begin?
    The River of Sorrows; the Huang River
  6. What did Chinese emperor Shi Huangdi start building to protect China from invaders?
    The Great Wall of China
  7. List the important advances or accomplishments of the Gupta Empire.
    • Mathematics: arabic numbers, decimal system
    • Vaccinations 1000 years before Europe
    • Setting of bones
  8. What beliefs do Hindus and Buddhists have in common?
    • Stressed Nonviolence
    • Believe in: Karma, Dharma, and Rebirth (or reincarnation)
  9. Who was the founder of Buddhism?
    Siddheartha Gautama
  10. What did Confucius mean by filial piety?
    Respect for parents
  11. What group established the caste system in India?
  12. What dynasty in China started the "Civil Service System"?
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