th final sentences

  1. Ruth lost a tooth
  2. I took a hot bath.
  3. Beth sat in a booth.
  4. Are you both coming?
  5. It was like a breath of fresh air.
  6. Chicken broth tastes good!
  7. He wears cloth diapers.
  8. What was the depth of your dive?
  9. She explored earth and sky.
  10. His faith never wavered.
  11. We started in fifth place.
  12. Roth had a growth spurt.
  13. We're waiting for Keith.
  14. What is its length and width?
  15. My favorite subject is math.
  16. I saw a moth last night.
  17. My mouth is dry.
  18. Is it a myth or not?
  19. She will take an oath.
  20. Ruth traveled north.
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