r final sentence Set 3

  1. A square has four sides.
  2. Take care of that new guitar.
  3. Are you going to the store?
  4. Pour some water on the fire.
  5. Lock the door before you leave.
  6. The boy had a bizzare nightmare.
  7. They want to hear some folklore.
  8. We bought her a new pair of shoes.
  9. Our family lives by the seashore.
  10. Where did he get his hair styled?
  11. Shakespeare was an English author.
  12. On a clear day you can see far away.
  13. Make sure that you share the money.
  14. There is only one star out tonight.
  15. The sign said, "Beware of the dog."
  16. She will check the air in the tire.
  17. Put the chair anywhere you please.
  18. The poor man had no clothes or money.
  19. Miss Adair would like to type your paper.
  20. The singer will appear elsewhere next week.
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r final sentence Set 3
r final position sentence Set 3